My name is Eran Bucai.

I am OBSESSED with helping people.

I first heard about this world of “making money online” in late 2016.

I went down the wrong paths and wasted a lot of money and time in the process (10’s of 1000s of dollars…).

In June 2018 I found myself in 55K debt (as a result of my attempts to make money online), with no online business and no income.

I got a 9 to 5 job and side hustled trying to figure things out.

In February 2019, I quit my 9 to 5 job (I took a leap of faith, a bit prematurely… who doesn’t love risks?!).

By August 2019, I was still struggling hard and couldn’t afford rent.

Luckily, I got a tax return that saw me through the next few months.

In October 2019, I figured out a way to make a living without the marketing hype.

I was building websites for people. Self-taught and things started to take off. Shopify was the first two websites I built, then WordPress, and then I moved to build funnels and transitioned over time also to build membership sites and online courses in addition to sales funnels.

By July 2020, I became debt-free and even lived off passive income thanks to my affiliate marketing business that grew concurrent with my freelance business.

A year later (November 2021), I bought my first home in Perth Australia.

I built my entire business with free advertising and marketing strategies, which I teach in some of my online courses.

Affiliate Marketing does earn me passive income (as much as I did when I worked a 9 to 5).

However, my primary business is my freelance business where I help people set up their website/funnel, membership or online course.

I started the traditional way of building websites like any other website builder. We do it for you and turn it over when done.

But in Xmas 2020, practically by accident, I came up with an incredibly efficient and rewarding way to get the same result with less effort and time for me; and more importantly, a more affordable and higher value for my clients.

I build your website/funnel FOR you, but WITH you, together on Zoom.

I share my screen, and you watch it get done in front of your eyes, so you can learn how it is getting done simultaneously.

With the correct preparation (I have checklists and a complete onboarding process streamlined), we can get projects done within 2-4 sessions I usually get someone’s project done and ready to launch.

This largely depends on the size of the project and the platform we use.

I also have the most hands-on tech support membership to help people continue and automate and set up processes in their online businesses as they grow.

We provide under-24 hours of tech support and even 1:1 zoom call support when my members need that extra help.

Everything I know is documented in 100s of tutorials on YouTube and an FAQ support library, as well as a complete library of mini-courses that can mostly be completed (and implemented) in a single day.

My specialty is helping solopreneurs overcome their tech struggles starting with choosing the best software for their business.

In some cases, these solopreneurs want more help beyond just choosing the right software.

In those situations, I also offer done-with-you services where I spend 1:1 sessions with them on zoom to build their website with them watching, learning and collaborating.

This is an incredibly powerful way to get your tech struggles sorted – not only does the project get done FAST – you also learn at the same time how to do it on your own.

I specialize in building sales funnels, membership sites and online courses.

The main software I focus on helping people with are systeme.io, Kajabi, New Zenler, Searchie and Podia.

Although I have done and can do projects on Shopify, Thinkific, Kartra, Uscreen, Mighty Networks, and more. (Not to mention email marketing integrations and setting up all the major platforms: ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, Flodesk, MailerLite, AWeber, MooSend, Klaviyo, etc).

I share my expertise on various topics my free Facebook group The Dot Com Truths Facebook group and on social media (YouTube, Instagram, etc).

Eran Bucai is AMAZING!!!!!  I wouldn’t be where I am today without him! He helped me land two clients in TWO days!

Darian Z.

Eran is an online superstar! His coaching really helped me when I was starting my online business. Highly recommended.

Kae B.

My coaching with Eran has been an absolute pleasure. The content in his video course is outstanding. I highly recommend his coaching course.

Brendan R.

Before I continue, I want to give you a free gift just for being here. You may or may not want to become a client and do business with me, and that’s totally okay.

Regardless, I want to give you a no-obligation gift that will help you no matter who you are or what you do: 21 PRODUCTIVITY TIPS AND HACKS.


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