Hi Annette,

I wanted to put in writing some brief guidance for you in case you have time.

Watch this video.

The video is part of a web page I wrote that has the link to sign up for ClickBank, check out the numerology thing, etc.

====> Go to the web page by clicking this

Next, I want you to also get a couple of books that you should read, and I will leave the links below. These are physical copy books, from the US, and once you get them, let me know, as I will send you a workbook that you can use in doing practicals as you are reading the books to structure your online business properly.



Note: Do not buy the upsells, you don’t need them. Just buy the individual books. Only exception is the upsell of the audio book, if you want to listen that’s fine too. But otherwise, skip the upsells!

Again, here is the link to sign up with Wealth Affiliate when you are ready.

===> Sign up with Wealthy Affiliate

Lastly, the bank account you should open is with ING Direct. Don’t open it yet, I am waiting to get a promo code because when you open a bank account with them using my coupon, you will get $100 CASH and I will get $100 CASH too. I have done this with a few friends, it’s literally free money.

You should use ING Direct debit cards for all these recurring purchases, e.g. Wealthy Affiliate, and any others in the future. They all charge in US and you will just pay international fees.

ING Direct actually refunds you back ALL international fees immediately.

So I never pay international fees. I saved 100s of dollars, if not 1000s, in the last 2 years with my expenses that way.

That’s why I asked. So just wait for my coupon code, I’ll send it to you when I have it.

Lastly, while you are waiting, if you haven’t done my free course: HOW THE ONLINE WORLD REALLY WORKS, you should sign up for it too.

====> Sign up for How the Online World Really Works

That’s all for now.

Let me know how you go!



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