Hi Avi,

There are two parts to my recommended plan for you.

(1) Personal branding

(2) Business / digital agency

#2 is intended to be your bread and butter to be able to focus on #1 once you have passive income.

So long-term #1 is key, but you should not spend too much time on it to start with.

i.e. do not bother with trying to build a massive following on Instagram, or a profitable YouTube channel, or a blog, or any of these wonderful things. Yes I am doing it, but I do not recommend that approach to you.

Take up #2, and focus on creating that business that is going to support you in the coming months, and slowly move away from Phase 1 to Phase 2, automate your processes and systemize things so you only have to work say 2-4 hours a day to maintain a 6-figure income.

So lets talk about #2 and what I would suggest:

(1) Buy a domain name and hosting. I recommend you use Hostinger.

For SEO purposes (for your clients), because you are buying a new website, it is much better if you have 2-3 years of hosting in advance. You’ll never get ranked if you’re paying month to month. Buying the premium plan will be under $200 USD for 4 YEARS (they just published massive discounts). So you can get that expense out of the way.

Reason you want to do that, is it gives you unlimited hosting for as many domains, and you can use this as a subscription service for your clients.

Your website www.avivatsa.com should be your personal branding. For the law firms digital marketing, maybe something like avimarketing.com or something.

So when you offer to build their website, manage their website, you are hosting it for them, and therefore can charge them monthly for hosting costs. You can easily offer website building service, charge $20 a month to host and manage their site, 10 clients you’ll cash in $200 USD a month doing absolutely nothing.

Buy hosting first, don’t worry about domain so much.

You need keyword research.

(2) Sign up to ClickFunnels Affiliate Program and Affiliate Bootcamp.

Two reasons. Your lawyer clients will need a website to look traditional. But they are hopeless without a funnel build, in terms of acquiring customers. You can create 1 lawyer funnel and duplicate that funnel to their account.

Now you can do 2 things:

Be on the $297 a month plan and host 20 funnels.

Or be on the $97/month, and just have 3 funnels, but have the ability to SHARE funnel with your clients, so they are on a $20/month subcription with ClickFunnels on your account. Either way ClickFunnels is the way to go for a digital agency like yours.

Reason you want to be on the Affiliate Bootcamp, is you need to promote ClickFunnels and sign up 3 people who pay their $97 or $297 a month as well. You earn 40%, and so with just 3 people under you, you will essentially get ClickFunnels for FREE. And everything you do on that platform to service your laywer clients is pure profit.

(3) I went through lawyer.com – I understand your idea, and I really get it.

But I think you need to go about it differently. Your costs to get this going is a lot higher then you think.

The best thing you can do is to acquire clients ONE-BY-ONE and grow organically with your website creation and optimization services, website hosting services, digital marketing, funnel creation services, and build a client base for a 1 or so.

Once you have 50-100 clients, you can do a side project to build a platform for lawyers to be found, and have them on subscription like a search engine.

Digital agency for law firms first.

Platform for lawyers second.

Personal branding third.

This business model for PLATFORM is something you need to learn about before trying to figure it out. There are a number of books I will recommend you to read at the appropriate point. Lets not go there yet.

(4) Acquiring clients. To get the law firms, you should give them an irresistible offer.

Re-build / optimise your website = $____ (WordPress / Hostinger)

Build you a sales funnel to drive traffic to to help you acquire customer = $____ (ClickFunnels)

Set up your email autoresponder with minimum 5 soap opera emails (see Dot Com Secrets) = $____ + autoresponder in their name using your affiliate link.

By the way, you should sign up with GetResponse. When you are ready with a funnel (not yet, do ClickFunnels first).

Your irresistible offer can include FREE ADVERTISING.

Example: You are learning PCC, use that with Linked-In and Google Ads. Both offer free Ads for new customers. Linked-In give $50 free ads for a campaign. Google Ads offer $100 free ads for $25 ad spend. So tell your law firms that for $25 you will give them $175 of advertising spent to acquire their first customer/s.

Additionally, your own method of acquiring customers (law firms to consult and do their digital marketing) should also have a funnel so you can demonstrate what a funnel looks like to THEM as customers and they can see the power of it.

(5) Types of income:

Active income: Website design, SEO optimization, Funnel creation, advertising for them.

Passive income: Affiliate sales of GetResponse, ClickFunnels, website hosting, and retainers / memberships to your marketing services.

Do active income to gain traction and increase cashflow. Do passive income as long term phase 2 solution so you can easily step away when the time comes.

(6) SEO service and digital marketing customer acquisition.

One simple trick you can do to acquire customers for SEO services is to do FREE SEO AUDITS.

You can buy a tool like that for $20 or less.

It is called SEO xBusiness.

You can get any websites of law firms or other businesses, do an SEO audit, and use that as a lead magnet or a hook to get their attention on how you can help them.

Watch this short tutorial on SEO xBusiness.

Again, it is called SEO xBusiness.

(7) Expanding your services. Once you get a few clients, on the basic service you can easily do, website, funnel creation, etc. we can look into expanding to social media services, messenger bots, etc, which I am presently testing some resources for that. And we can discuss more in depth later.

The above should give you immediate guide.

The main thing is to sign up for ClickFunnels, and Hosting and get your own website for the digital agency and just organically get your first client. Just get your first client and service them. Then get 2nd one. 3rd one. And then we will map out all the services you can expand to increase the value of each customer to you.

Hope this helps!



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