I have a policy.

If there is someone that I do not believe I can help, or someone that I think does not genuinely want my help or going to do anything with my help, I will never ever accept a dollar from them.

It does not mean that I necessarily cut them out of my life, or that I don’t talk to them or interact with them. But it certainly mean I would avoid accepting a payment from them.

When someone exchanges money with you, they are essentially a customer.

My integrity tells me that when someone exchanges money with you, i.e. is a customer, you are obliged to provide a service, obliged to give value.

I don’t want an obligation with someone who is negative.

They do nothing but to dirty up your business, your day, your week, and your life.

So if you find a customer who ends up being in that category, it is okay to fire them. It might mean giving them their money back.

Thankfully I have stuck to my policy since beginning my entrepreneurial journey and have not personally had to fire any customer.

But if you have not followed this policy, or find yourself not enjoying your business, I reckon there’s a chance there’s some negative person making your business and/or life negative and problem needs to be fired.

Eran Bucai

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