Quick backstory: In late 2016 to early 2017, I had a major transition period in my life. I was receiving unemployment benefit while figuring out how the hell I am going to support myself financially. Through partnering with an online company as an Affiliate Marketer and Coach, as well as a daily study of materials by Grant Cardone (namely, the Millionaire Booklet), I went from ZERO to 100K in under a year.

In February 2018, I traveled from Western Australia to Las Vegas and had the privilege to attend huge Entrepreneur event called the 10X Growth Conference, with over 9000 like-minded Entrepreneurs in attendance.

10X is a movement that was envisioned and created by Grant Cardone, the author of the book 10X RULE.

The event went on for 3 days, and a 4th day if you had a VIP ticket. I was there for the 3 days.

I have learned so much from the 3 days, and have so much to say about it, that I did a feedback video for pretty much every speaker individually on my YouTube channel, and regular updates on my Instagram every time I stepped out of the arena including a recap on each speaker and each day. It was spectacular.

I had several people ask what are the biggest things I gained from the conference so I wanted to write about it:



First and foremost the networking with other 10X individuals from around the world was fantastic. I have found new customers and business partners through relationships created through the event and before the event was even held. I made more money from these connections than the entire conference, the hotel accommodations, the flights, and Cardone University combined. So before any KNOWLEDGE gained, I already made my money’s worth and some.



Secondly, networking with the speakers and celebrity Entrepreneurs.

I got to take a photo with a number of the speakers and top entrepreneurs which you can find on my Instagram account Highlights under “Networking”.

That included meeting and taking a photo with a self-made BILLIONAIRE, Naveen Jain, who is truly not from this earth – amazing individual.
I got to have a proper conversation with Elena Cardone, Kerri Kasem, Roddy Chong, Michael Burt, Tim Grover; and even said a words with Grant himself (twice).

Most special exchange of communication was with Elena and Kerri, both are superwomen!

Totally random: as much as I loved an Israeli actress being chosen as Wonder Woman, I honestly think Elena Cardone would have been such a better choice for that movie!  🙂



In terms of knowledge, every speaker gave some value in their speaking.

Some examples and highlights:

Day 2 was Marketing, and a lot of great tips and tricks were shared which helped me greatly with shortcuts as an Affiliate Marketer. Every one of the speakers had tips that I was able to implement in my business.

Jordan Zimmerman, the CEO, and Founder of a 4-Billion Dollar Marketing Agency gave excellent Marketing tips.

Andy Frascella gave excellent actionable steps to do as an Entrepreneur, called “the power list”, which basically means take 5 things you NEED to do every day, and you are not doing or don’t feel like doing, and do them FIRST – stick with keeping these 5 things in for 21 days at least before you take them off the Power List.

Tai Lopez gave excellent tips about social media presence and what a website should look like, a lot of the tips I implemented and re-done my website since.

Coach Michael Burt broke down for us the simplicity of organic growth as a business owner.

Lewis Howes gave action steps to do with branding and automating income streams online.

Ed Mylett and Grant Cardone had an excellent exchange about the subject of sales and the simplicity of the sales cycle.

Naveen Jain, a self-made BILLIONAIRE, gave the concept of “think big” a whole new dimension.

And so much more!

If I was to pick ONE thing that I learned which to me was the BEST that made the whole experience worth it was Grant’s training about how to take an idea to monetization – the simplicity with which he explained it was extremely practical, realistic, and gave me exact actionable targets that I was able the execute IMMEDIATELY with my business to increase my income.

That being said, every speaker gave value, and there is a YouTube video I did on pretty much every single one of them, or on my Instagram.



Being an event, of course, there were products and services being sold to us. I invested in one product while I was there, and that was the Relentless System by Tim Grover. Very happy with the product, completed it when I got back to Australia, and this helped me tremendously with mindset. I promote his products as an Affiliate and if you haven’t already gotten it, you must get his book RELENTLESS. No matter what you do in life, if you want to be successful this book will absolutely help you no matter what stage of life you are.



The last thing that I wanted to share in terms of something I learned which was vital from the event, and also something that Grant talked about in our 10X Mentorship before the event, and that is the importance of setting a DEADLINE. You have to always have a finite date to complete major targets. You have to have something to look forward to. Otherwise, procrastination takes over.

So from that, I made a decision that LIVE EVENTS is going to remain my deadlines. Hopefully, 10X Growth Conference 3 will be announced shortly and will be in Miami. I will be going to that and will have a ton of things to get done between now and then.  That gives me a deadline of few months between events to really execute what I learn, focus implementation, and then go get some more training and expand my business as I learn and scale.

If you don’t have a GOAL WITH A DEADLINE, you will never achieve your goal. Set a goal. And set a deadline. And lay out the smaller targets and action you need to execute in order to achieve the goal within the deadline. And focus, focus, focus on the targets necessary to achieve that goal within the deadline.


In summary:

I hope this article has been helpful to you and gave you some insight on the experience..

If you have not been in the 10X Growth Conference 2, you should absolutely get the recording for it here.

I want to leave you with an awesome video that gives you a taste of this incredible experience.

Eran Bucai

ps – If you want to attend the next 10X Growth Conference, here is the link to get your tickets.

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