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21 Productivity Tips & Hacks

How to stay focused, organized and productive.

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This short 50 pages eBook was written for my fellow entrepreneurs and soloprenreuers to help them in their journey of finding success online.

Things you can expect to have covered in this eBook are as follows:

  • Email distractions and how to avoid or eliminate
  • Phone distractions and how to avoid or eliminate
  • Advertising distractions and how to avoid or eliminate
  • Daily routine tips for productivity and focus
  • What things to focus on daily in your business
  • How to eliminate, automate and outsource non-essential tasks
  • Dealing with the day-to-day marketing and selling that goes on in everyone’s life
  • Making good use of “dead minutes” in your day
  • Mindset related tips and hacks

And lots more!

These are not given in any particular order. Take what you like, and implement as best as you can.

Enjoy! Love to hear your feedback!


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