This is to outline the Smash Bod, based on the discussion:

The concept in one sentence is “Smash Bod is the Netflix of Fitness training“.

In addition to pre-created content like Netflix, there is also streaming capabilities like Twitch. And creating channels for influencers / trainers like YouTube does, but professional enough to warrant a subscription model with actual fitness regime.

Other content creators on YouTube would monetise something like that with a platform like Patreon but Smash Bod also does the video content hosting, and video production, and create exclusive content to Smash Bod (just like Netflix does, and thus protect the brand).

The pricing model would be a membership model, similar to Amazon Prime or Netflix where premium membership would give unlimited access, and there will be tiered membership options for specific channels to if someone wants to get the premium content for just 1 or 2 channels. Pricing to be adjudicated with progress, split testing, etc but $10-15 / month would be a potential start.

The channel would take an influencer, trainer or a gym, and help them create an online training platform for their audience. Different influencers have different audience and sub-niches, for example:

Major weight loss

Body shaping (and sub-niche that to Booty shaping)



Power Lifting

Body Building

And lots more.

Anything from stay-at-home moms, to body building, etc. Every type of audience and style – driven by specific influencers to leverage their audience and skills.

Company overview:

All video hosting, coding, film production, is done in-house.

Company has 20 employees and 25-30 independent contractors. This includes Graphic Designers, Development Team, Film Crew, Video Editing, and so on.

Company has no revenue and has not launched yet. Been in the making for a year and move very fast. Ready to launch in the next 1-2 months.

It is presently funded by other existing businesses owned by the CEO / Founders.

What help is required:

Help needed is PAID ADVERTISING on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram – this is for brand awareness and to drive sales. (Paid Advertising Agency recommendation will be included below along with costs)

With YouTube, also guidance with YouTube SEO. (Training and tips section included later in this page)

Digital Marketing Strategies. (tips from me discussed on the phone, and additional points outlined below)

Direct Competitors:



Their pricing: $39 / quarter, $59 / 6 months, or $99 / year.

Differentiator: Smash Bod is a platform for social media influencers to put them Fitness Training Content, as opposed to select celebrities which is what BeachBody has done.


Very similar online fitness training. No streaming. Not social media influencer driven.

Their pricing: $19.95 / month subscription


Differentiator: Smash Bod is digital online training, specifically. BodyBuilding.com is supplaments, and workout routines, not visual training.

Individual competitors:

I think there are a lot more “micro-competitors” that you need to take into account to figure out a way to potentially lure them into your business model and take advantage of what they already have established. Such as letting them sell their own stuff inside your channel too.

I call them “micro-competitor” as they are not a big company like beachbody, but these are individuals who managed to build a legitimate brand around themselves and their fitness training.

Couple of examples:

Mr. Olympia x7 times, 3 million followers. Phil Heath. See his funnel/website by clicking the link in the bio.

Instagram Fitness Influencer with over 300K followers Greg O’Gallagher and you can click the link in his bio and see his funnel and fitness training that he created.

Influencers on board with Smash Bod:

The following are existing influencers who are on-board to create a channel for Smash Bod, along with the exact details on their following, average likes, average comment, how many posts, how many they follow, and their engagement rate. All the information, I collected and screenshot from www.socialblade.com. You can open a free account (that’s what I had) and do the same thing with additional influencers as they come up.

Note: Engagement Rate VERY low.

Note: Low engagement

Note: Low engagement
Note: Couldn’t pull up her account info with SocialBlade

Note: Looks like 10% engagement level

Note: Low’ish engagement, but may appeal to older audience (baby boomers)

Note: I don’t think this influencer does the personal training, but perhaps promote it?

And this YouTuber, there is a connection, so he will be approached once everything is ready to launch. Though they have content from him already.

These are channels being created at the moment for the above influencers. Some are progressing faster then others.

Here are other accounts you might be interested in to see the engagement level:

See the engagement level in comparison with other accounts.

Multi-sided Influencer and Brand Collaboration Platforms:

You can google and see a whole bunch. Examples are:



You can open free accounts with those and see the process inside.

Costs discussed for Paid Advertising Agency:

No more then $1000 USD per month for advertising to start with.

Retainer starting at $1500 USD per month.

First 30 days will be brand awareness to get statistics on video watch %. And follow up with lookalike audience and retargeting to drive sales running conversion campigns to the warm market.

The advertising agency specialises in Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google, and would be able to do advertising for all these networks.

This is the link for you to review his website.

The next step after you read all this information is to schedule a call with me and Denton to discuss details and exact pricing.

He will present you with a full quote and contract after that discussion.

Video Content:

Video content available so far (though these are still draft). More is being created and advice on this is wanted to make sure they are on the right track.

Smash Bod & Military Muscle Collaboration video

Bike & Lambo App branding video

More to be created, and I highly suggest you talk to Denton about the videos planned and find out what he would need to run your advertising campaign successfully.

Points discussed with Eran:

Influencer Marketing:

Having 1 million following vs 100K following does not mean the 1 million following is a better influencer.

The concept of micro-influencers, with 10K, 20K, can just just as powerful and have an even more loyal and personal following then the 1 million Instagram account.

Thing about Kim Kardeshian, or The Rock. They may have over 100 million followers, but there is no personal connection with them, no messaging back and forth, etc. They are too big for personal interaction.

So “micro-influencers” can also be a very powerful strategy too as they might have an extremely loyal fan base.


Went over the concept of promoting on FB and Instagram the highly quality video content. This will be 30 days of brand awareness.

This will allow for statistics to be gotten on viewership. Anyone who viewed at least 75% of the video can be re-targeted for conversions.

The ads shown to these people is unique to them (personalized).

Those that engage in any way (click the button, like, comment, etc) are pixelled, whcih means they will be followed around the web on Google, YouTube, anywhere they go to turn the engagement to a conversion and sales.

They can be checking the weather or the latest sports results, and you will be in their feed with unique ad relevant to them.

This is called re-targeting, and is extremely effective and cheap – once you have the data.

YouTube SEO tips and tools for your team:

YouTube Thumbnails:

sign up for canva.com – here is a tutorial on how I do my thumbnails that you can share with your team.

YouTube SEO, tags, ranking, competitors:

Your team needs to get this YouTube tool, and ideally get on the paid plan which will give them a ton of resources to properly rank the videos on YouTube, and rank above competition. At least sign up for the free plan, and take it from there.

Sign up for VID IQ

The paid plan will give you the recommended tags, and a ton of other features not available on the free plan.

YouTube SEO training:

Otherwise, the best training for YouTube SEO is naturally found when searching on YouTube the phrase “YouTube SEO”, as clearly that is the true indication that the person teaching practices what they preach. There are 3-4 top guys on this subject that I watch, but the one with the most actionable steps that your team can watch and implement immediately is this one:

And your team can watch more of his videos on YouTube and implement. I have my own training on YouTube but a lot of it is based on his videos anyway.

I have additional tutorials on how I implemented these strategies in my own channel, in case your team want to see it. They can just email me directly and I’ll send it to them: contact@eranbucai.com

Additional thoughts after our discussion:

My connections:

I have 3-4 Instagram Influencers that I know in Australia who could also be spoken to about creating a channel for their Fitness training.

Instagram model = 52K followers (competing for Miss Universe Australia)

Instagram Fitness model = 26K followers (one of the top 10 on Maxim list)

Personal trainer = 10K followers

And a few other personal trainers, one of them runs a prominent gym in Australia (Fitness First, probably the biggest gym franchise in Australia).

To discuss further about the referral / affiliate program.

Niche-related Fitness/Sports Influencers:

After reviewing all the accounts of the different influencers you have on-board, I realized that the channels can be extremely niche. You have a channel for Fitness training for Car Racing enthusiasts for example, Bikers, etc.

There are lots of niches along these lines that can be contacted to get them onboard. Here are some Instagram account of people that are in a very specific/unique niche.

Female Football Freestyler (US based)

Female Football Freestyler (France based)


These are just ideas of unique niches that I thought of that I personally follow that would give the platform massive exposure to a very unique audience. I can research and find a bunch of others like that.

Summary done by Eran Bucai


Starting a successful online business:

– Simple 8-step formula
– Simple implementation checklist
– Recommended resources
– Business model blueprint
– ZERO hype

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