Great catching up with you!

I wanted to make notes of our discussion for future record of things that we can possibly collaborate on, and further, continuing to do together on a fairly immediate basis.  (I wrote this the day we spoke on my way to work n the train, but knew I needed to focus on my course which is now published, and I wanted to add the affiliate links which takes a bit of time )

Referrals to your business:

It goes without saying that if I have referrals for your services, I will let you know for sure. As I said, I have one person that I know his focus is on being an author, publishing books, etc. He found me on YouTube through this video about Sqribble, he bought this software using my affiliate link. 

I’ll keep your services in mind.

Me being a customer for you:

I bought this Sqribble eBook creation tool myself for my eBooks (lead magnets), and also Designrr eBook creation tool, and a part of my business will be to create eBook designs for my students if they want, but these are tiny scale, e.g. 2-10 pages eBooks just as a Lead magnet purpose – not on your scale at all.

Example: I have written a short eBook (lead magnet) this past week and outsourced the graphic design to a VA in Nigeria who is using this Sqribble tool. 

===> Here is a copy of the eBook for you to see

More importantly, there will be a point I will want to write a proper physical copy book, and in terms of timing, my aim is to have that ready to publish before the end of this year, maybe year after. I am going to do that once I have met certain personal targets and requirements. I have about 50% of that book written, and now I am “writing” the rest of the book with my actions in the coming year – so I have something exciting to write about!

When that happens, I would love your help/service to stratergize publishing it on Amazon, eBook, Kindle, and all that. 

The graphic design part might not be so much needed as I have a Web Designer / Graphic Designer who does all that for me in exchange for me coaching him on his business. 

But the compatibility to all devices, publishing on all platforms, that’s where your expertise is extremely valuable.

So, I will be a customer when it comes to that stage.

Your own course:

In terms of you putting together a course on your expertise, what platform to use, etc. I do recommend LearnPress to start with, as it is easy to use, and means you have no overheads. You would want proof of concept before you invest in fancy course platform that charges you $97/month or something.

Although, I did come across this platform recently, and I’m seriously considering moving there. It replaces my Email Autoresponder costs too. It is called Podia you can check it out here.

===> Check out Podia here

Sign up for my free HOW THE ONLINE WORLD REALLY WORKS to see how I created it, and that is all LearnPress. Honestly the sign-in is really the only downfall, it is a bit “clunky”, not as smooth as I would want it to me. But everything else is pretty good.

Subscriptions / residual income:

In terms of subscriptions / residual income. I honestly get the impression you probably have “hustled” enough, and probably have big enough network and customer base, that you probably have all the resources you need to actually build residual income must faster than you think. 

As we uncovered one possibility, website hosting subscriptions. Here are a couple of links you can check out (obviously these are affiliate links, if you’re going to go with any of these please use them):

JV Zoo Hosting (I have not personally used it, but it is very much geared to support Affiliate Marketers, since it is one of the biggest and more credible Affiliate Marketing platforms).

Site Rubix (powered by Wealthy Affiliate). Most people sign up to this platform to “make money online”. Honestly, I haven’t been through their training and it is not why I signed up for. 

They provide excellent website hosting and support, 25 websites for $49/month. I am moved my website there, plus other people in my family who have websites, so we are all on the same plan, saving us all money from on-going subscriptions.

Plus, my website designer can create websites for his clients on this platform and made residual income that way too. 

Totally dis-related to Affiliate Marketing, simply as a website hosting service. 

The other reason for Wealthy Affiliate is the community, they have excellent internal community and that always opens up more opportunities when you build your network. 

Most domain/hosting services are ONE-TIME referral fee as you know. So, it is rare to find monthly on-going commissions for hosting. Count how many clients you built/build a website on, $5/month in on-going commissions, it is just a matter of time before you have replaced your “active income” with these subscriptions.

And I can assure you, in my course, there are so many more subscriptions you probably have no idea existed, and affiliate programs, that would dovetail with what you do incredible. In fact, I have one little pilot I’m going to start this weekend, if you’re interested I’ll share it with you. Will take you about 2 hours to do it and likely to make $100 USD from this mini-course in affiliate commission (not 100%, as you’ll need to be approved to that affiliate program).

Stay-at-home moms:

On immediate thought regarding my course, if you do have referrals, since I am charging $200 USD, I am happy to split 50/50 and you get that referral fee. That is just something to give you immediate solution you can provide to these stay-at-home moms. 

===> Link that explains the 1-on-1 coaching

(By the way I’ll have to fix that page tomorrow, update it. I’m not doing more than one session. I increased the price to $200 USD for the 1 session + video course, not splitting the 2. And need to give more feedback / explaining on the video course too)

===> Check out the video course (note: anything with length per chapter is a completed section, anything without a length, means it’s still draft and I’m going through it still)

Another example of the video course, is that I do a ton of over-the-shoulder tutorials. Example:

Check out this blog: https://eranbucai.com/blog/social-media-and-content-marketing-growth-hacks/

And now, witness I recorded the entire 3.5 hours that it took me to create the blog from complete scratch. You really don’t need to watch… but I’m just making a point. 🙂

Amazing I actually have 20 people view the 3.5 hours video!

I would have hoped they commented, but oh well.

I would want a “referral” to first do my free course, HOW THE ONLINE WORLD REALLY WORKS, and learn more about me, want to work with me etc. I don’t take “cold traffic” for my coaching as every one of these people I consider a future business partner / joint venture partner. 

The other option, you can go through the course yourself, we do the coaching, same like I do with my other students, and then you can turn around and give that coaching directly to your stay-at-home mom audience.

Because you are extremely switched on as an entrepreneur, I think it would be a great way to pilot me licensing my course out (which is a more of a longer term plan). The “licensing” idea is just an idea, it is something I’m thinking of making as my “back-end” but very much not fully worked out in my head on how to do yet, but I’m just throwing it out there. 


By the way, you know when you asked me, “so what is it that you do?” – that is the exact reason I am taking a break to focus and re-strat for the new year, as that question should not exist if my branding was 100% clear.

You can see my latest Facebook post also, with the colour branding. Plus, there is my IG posts, and the profile which I started changing around too.

I think my brand is authentic, and attractive, but it is not clear resulting in people not knowing what I can exactly serve them with. I need to have a zoom call to explain, which is not scalable.

If you have pointers or suggestions on my IG page, or my website, in terms of what is your first impression, I’d love to hear a first impression visitor feedback. 

That’s all for now.

Let me know your thoughts. 



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