FREE Book reveals the SECRETS to building a profitable internet business from scratch

No matter who you are, what your circumstances are, and what you want to achieve, if you want to make money online the FIRST STEP is to buy the book Dot Com Secrets!

This book is as close as it gets to the “bible” of online marketing and making money through the internet.

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Question: Is the book Dot Com Secrets really free?

Yes! The book Dot Com Secrets is 100% FREE.

The only thing you pay for is shipping and handling. If you are in the US, it should be approximately $7, if you are overseas like me (Australia), it will be approximately $15. There is literally no catch.

To make this offer irresistible, here are some BONUSES!

To make this order even more attractive for you, I am going to be giving you a number of bonuses as part of getting this Book.

Bonus #1 = 100+ pages PDF workbook to help you follow along while studying the book, and map out your very own online business as part of it. This workbook is in complete alignment with what you will be studying in the book and will help you really grasp the secrets that enabled me to replace my 9 to 5 income within 8 months.

Bonus #2 = Marketing Secrets Blackbook Guide. This is over 250 pages PDF book with lots of newbie-friendly and advanced marketing tactics that you will find nowhere else in such detail and packaging.

Bonus #3 = 21 Productivity Tips and Hacks eBook that I have written to help you maximize the few hours a week you have to focus on your internet business. Time is precious, and having the right productivity hacks will enable you to get more done in less time.

Here is what my clients said about this eBook:

Question: What is this Dot Com Secrets about?

As I said before, this book is as close as it gets to the “bible” of making money online and internet marketing. Here are my 3 biggest lessons that I learned from this amazing book:

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Question: Once I get Dot Com Secrets, is there an upsell?

Yes, there is!

However, you are not obliged to buy in any way. I do recommend you buy the FIRST upsell, which is the book EXPERT SECRETS. The book Expert Secrets is as close as it gets to the “bible” of turning your expertise, skill or passion and turning that into a full-time income.

It goes hand-in-hand with Dot Com Secrets, and I definitely recommend buying both. Below is additional information about the 3 lessons I learned from the book Expert Secrets.

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To repeat this is not a must, but it is highly recommended!

Question: If I decide to get both books, Dot Com Secrets and Expert Secrets, are there additional upsells?

Yes, there are!

I am all about transparency and I will reveal to you every single upsell along the way including the potential costs to you if you choose to buy them, and the potential commission for me personally as a result of your purchase. The information is outlined in the picture below.

I want to be extremely clear, it is not mandatory that you buy everything to be able to be successful. What is mandatory is Dot Com Secrets, and absolutely recommended you also get the first upsell which is Expert Secrets.

The purpose of this page is to make it extremely comfortable for you to order your FREE BOOK of DOT COM SECRETS.

I am giving you over the top bonuses and details to make this decision a complete no-brainer for you.

The rest of the upsells is completely up to you. For example, the 3rd upsell offers the books in audio version. Some people like audio, some people don’t. So choose as you see fit.

Question: If I decide to buy the later upsells, are you offering more bonuses?

The answer is YES!

I have bonuses that are reserved for those who invest in all the training products you will be offered. Bonuses include (but not limited to):

(a) Simple Guide to Starting a Copywriting Business (value = $97)

(b) YouTube Marketing Course for Beginners (value = $37)

(c) Website policies templates (value = $17)

(d) Email Swipes for your own marketing (value $49)

(e) 30% discount code for my personal 1-on-1 coaching if you ever decide to do it. (value = $300)

Question: How do I claim my bonuses?

Once you order the FREE BOOK, you simply email my team support@eranbucai.com to let us know what you ordered and what email you used to do so. In response, you will receive all the bonuses you qualified for based on your purchase.

Question: How do you I (Eran Bucai) benefit from this?

I have several online business ventures and income streams online. One of them is “AFFILIATE MARKETING”. This simply means that I am affiliated with specific companies, products, or services, and I can promote these using a unique link. When someone makes a. purchase of these products or services, I get a commission. You as the consumer are not paying more money. The price is exactly the same. It simply means that I get credit for my advertising and promotion.

Affiliate Marketing is a great way for a newbie to start making money online as it requires not having any product of you own, requires no inventory, no storage, no customer service, no employees and anyone can do it from anywhere around the world so long as they have an internet connection.

In fact, I have a course that teaches you, amongst many other things, exactly how to do that even if you know absolutely nothing to start with.

However, the first step for ANY of my clients is always to first order the FREE BOOK, Dot Com Secrets.

In summary:

The purpose of this page is to make it extremely comfortable for you to order your FREE BOOK of DOT COM SECRETS. I am giving you over-the-top bonuses and details to make this decision a complete no-brainer for you. Here are some final thoughts for you to consider:

  • Money is a tool for exchange. You spend money to get something greater in return.
  • If the books I mentioned, and all the bonuses I am giving away for free would help you make extra income, would it be worth it?
  • If the books I mentioned and all the bonuses I am giving away for free would help you escape the 9 to 5 rat race, would it be worth?
  • Money can always be made.
  • Time is always running away from you. It is not refundable.
  • If what I am offering here, can open the door to having more time freedom, would it be worth the small investment?
  • Additionally, we can’t just rely on information and knowledge alone. We will speed up our results with coaching, mentorship, accountability, and so on. Would having a relationship with an experienced coach be worth it?

You have 2 choices:

Choice #1 = settle with what you have now and keep getting what you’re getting now.

Choice #2 = make a small investment, give it a shot – if it works, awesome. If not, then get your money back.

Yes – even the SHIPPING costs will be refunded to you, and you can keep the book and all my bonuses!


Thank you for your time and I look forward to you making the right decision.

Eran Bucai

PS – If you are like me, and you like skipping through to the end of the sales page to get to the point, here is summarized for you:

  • I’m inviting you to buy Dot Com Secrets which is the book anyone needs to read to be able to be successful online. The book is 100% FREE, you just pay for shipping and handling.
  • Yes, there are 3 amazing bonuses that come with it.
  • Yes, even the tiny shipping costs will be refunded to you if you are not satisfied for any reason and you can still keep the book and the bonuses.