This is not the typical sales page with a “buy-button” every 2nd paragraph to catch you making an emotional decision to pay me for a service (that you may or may not need).

This sales page is designed to give you all the information you need to make an informed and logical business decision about receiving coaching from me.

Most sales pages are designed to sell you based on EMOTION so they can just make a sale. That’s not my game.

Consumers buy based on emotion.

Business owners buy based on logic.

I am going to treat you like a business owner, whether you are one or not. Because if you decide to work with me as your coach, that is what you are going have to become.

At the very end of this page, if you are not 100% certain that receiving coaching from me is a great investment in yourself and your business, I invite you to set up a no-obligation call to answer any questions, and asses if we want to work together.

If you are looking to make money online, you are about to discover a problem you do not even know you have – and the consequences of NOT KNOWING will cost you thousands of dollars down the drain, and weeks or months of a complete waste of your time.

Read on to find out how this problem is inevitably affecting you, and more importantly, how it can be solved.

My name is Eran Bucai. I LOVE helping people – period.

I work on multiple projects all the time – from affiliate marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, commission-only sales, creating and selling info-products, blogging, and more. If you don’t know what some of these things are, don’t worry – it will all be explained.

At the heart of my operation is my coaching and consulting business – serving individuals and businesses with personalized coaching and mentoring on how to create an online business, or take an existing business to the next level.

To 10X your life and business with internet marketing, you need the right strategy personalized to you!

My personal business strategy is to find clients who I can coach on starting an online business, or scaling an existing business – and work with them to the stage where we can have joint ventures together where we make each other money.

My ideal client is someone who not only is a customer, but someone who is a friend, and a partner in business.

Here are some things my clients had to say:

Eran Bucai is AMAZING!!!!!  I wouldn’t be where I am today without him! He helped me land two clients in TWO days!

Darian Z.

Eran is an online superstar! His coaching really helped me when I was starting my online business. Highly recommended.

Kae B.

My coaching with Eran has been an absolute pleasure. The content in his video course is outstanding. I highly recommend his coaching course.

Brendan R.

The niche I chose is the “make money online” niche.

One of the biggest problems that people need and want help with is to do with making more money. Examples:

  • Stay-at-home moms want to be able to work a few hours a day and bring some extra money to the household.
  • Local business owners who always need a consistent flow of clients in the door.
  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs with business ideas, goals, and dreams, but not really knowing where to start.
  • Hard-working employees who are getting hungrier for a challenge and wanting to become their own boss, and get their time back.
  • The freelancer or agency who has a high-income skill but struggles with acquiring clients.
  • The social media influencer who does not realize the potential of monetizing their following.

And the list goes on.

Now let’s talk about FAILURE.  

Some questions for you:

  • Why is it that most people don’t make money online?
  • Why do most people pay for courses to start an internet business and get nowhere?
  • Why do most people try several online businesses and end up just going around in circles?
  • Why do most people end up feeling totally lost half the time trying to figure it out?
  • Why do most people use social media to consume content, and never learn the secrets to making money from it?
  • Why do people who have amazing expertise don’t realize how they can take their expertise and turn it into a lucrative online business?
  • Why do people talk about turning their passion and making it a full-time income somehow never figure out how to actually do it?
  • Why do people crave traveling the world and end up being stuck at a job that only allows you a few weeks out of the year?

If any of these things resonated with you in some way – keep reading – you are about the discover exactly why.

And, you will find out exactly what I offer, why I offer it, how I offer it, and whether this is something that you can benefit from.

One of the reasons newbies have such a hard time is that they simply DON’T KNOW.

They don’t know because they are new.

And when you are new, you find things bit by bit, you are hit with surprises, shocks, and in many cases, people end up just giving up too early because of failures no real guidance or mentorship.

And the worse part for a newbie is YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW.


The answer is I can help with many things.

First and foremost it will be to understand your circumstances and figure out an agreed-upon plan and strategy for your business. Things like:

  • What niche to focus on
  • What business model to focus on
  • Who your target audience is and how to reach them
  • What advertising method to use and master
  • What product and/or services to market and sell (if you aren’t sure)
  • Figuring out your value ladder (if you don’t know this term, “value ladder”, you REALLY need my coaching)

And more!

Secondly, delegating and outsourcing is a major part of entrepreneurship and business. You can’t do everything yourself.

Through my time, I also have a very good Rolodex for the skill sets and expertise I don’t have or don’t need to have.

I can help with any of the following either through guidance and consulting, and/or freelancing (i.e. done-for-you services):

  • Email marketing
  • Instagram account growth
  • Instagram account monetization
  • Blogging
  • Vlogging
  • Linked-In marketing
  • Quora Marketing
  • Facebook free marketing
  • Facebook paid advertising
  • Google advertising
  • YouTube paid advertising
  • YouTube training for beginners
  • Video Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Branding
  • Digital product creation (eBooks, lead magnets, courses)
  • Sales Funnel Design
  • ChatBot design and creation
  • Facebook Messenger marketing
  • Website design and creation (WordPress or coded)
  • Shopify store design and creation
  • Search Engine Optimization

And more!

The third aspect that is critical to any business is automation and creating systems that work independently of your time. I give personalized recommendations to each of my clients on things like:

  • What domain name to choose and where to buy
  • What website hosting to use
  • What landing pages software to use
  • What email service provider to sign up with
  • What online course platform to use
  • What webinar platform to use
  • What membership platform to use
  • What platform to host your digital downloads
  • What training courses to invest in (if any)
  • What advertising method or agency to utilize

And lots more.

Imagine trying to figure all this out on your own without personalized guidance?

That is the headache I want to save you from.


Did you know that you can use the internet to make money by learning high-income skills or using your existing skills, expertise and strengths?

And you can do that for very low upfront investment?

Do you ever wonder why, when you try to find the answers to “making money on the internet”, you end up lost, overwhelmed with options, and not actually knowing what to do or who to ask?

And the impression is that you need to spend a ton of money to achieve success, am I right?


Google, Facebook, and YouTube are free platforms. They use our information to sell advertising to professional marketers, businesses, and companies. Their incentive is to keep us engaged on their platform. The more time we spend on their platform, the more advertising they can push on us, the more money they can make through paid advertising.

When you go to search for answers, you will always be given the answers provided by the advertisers that paid the most to get in front of you, or that has figured out how to get in front of you through expert marketing using free but very advanced marketing strategies.

You will rarely get the BEST answer for YOUR specific situation and circumstance – the path that is best for YOU.


What happens when you follow this path of just searching online on your own?

You land on a page that promises some things that spark your interest. You enter your email.

You go to a page that gives you an amazing offer for just $7 dollars, or a “free book” and all you have to do is pay for shipping!

Usually, what you buy is actually pretty good. You think, “geez, I got so much value for $7, I wonder what else I will get for $100s or even $1000s of dollars?”

You decide to invest in yourself and buy some online course or a business opportunity.

You watch all the videos, seat through hours of webinars, and get to the end not knowing what to do.

You try your hardest to do what you are being taught. You are being sold some extra things you need along the way, and you want to “take action”.

You end up on monthly subscriptions, money paid out, and not a lot to show for it.

You are left thinking this one isn’t for you.

You go back to the “trusted” search engines known as Google and/or YouTube and click some links. Enter your email to some more options. You go on Facebook and you see some more advertising that looks interesting and you give your email to them too.

Your inbox is now full of 50 (or more) marketing emails per day.

Months go by, you still haven’t made much progress.

Does that sound familiar?


The big question on my client’s mind is “What is the right home business or job opportunity for me?”

You know the thousand and one businesses you heard about: Amazon, Dropshipping, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Facebook Marketing Agency, eBay, Shopify, and on and on.

But what is the right vehicle to go with?


Many of my clients come to me because they are new this maze of online marketing and “making money online”, or have some experience but did not achieve the results they were hoping for, or they are simply overwhelmed with options, and not knowing what to actually do and no one to ask.

I have been working online since January 2017 and was a complete newbie – in fact, when I started I could not afford WiFI.

I spent the first few months in McDonald’s and shopping centres using their free WiFI.

In my first year, I crossed 6-figures doing Affiliate Marketing and Coaching. I did this working full-time as an online entrepreneur making a full-time living until June 2018, as well as travelling for the first few months in 2018 to Las Vegas, Washington DC, Mexico, and Fiji.

Do not let my success fool you:

  • I worked very hard, long hours, no days off, no weekends, and hustled hard. In some ways, I did things the hard way, just because I did not know better.
  • While I made a good income, I always wasted a ton of money buying things I thought I needed – we’re talking about tens of thousands of dollars down the drain.
  • While I did relatively well, I also made crucial mistakes that I didn’t know I was making, that would later bite me hard – mistakes that with an honest and caring mentor by my side, I would have never made.

In June 2018, due to unforeseen and unexpected circumstances, and not related to wrong-doing on my part, I lost my 6-figure income overnight and had to start from scratch.

I decided to take this opportunity to get a 9 to 5 job as a corporate employee to experience it and run a personal experiment of working evenings and weekends on my “side hustles” with the end goal of replacing my income and going back to working online full-time again. This is the situation that most people are in, and so I wanted to experience it.

By March 2019 (9 months of my experiment), I replaced my income and quit my job. I am working online from my laptop and making a full-time income.

I have been in the internet marketing game since early 2017, paid 1000s of dollars into my own education (not knowing that wasn’t really necessary), subscribed to 100s of email lists, read dozens of entrepreneurial books, watched countless webinars, a researched so many things relating to the industry, tried several businesses to experience them first-hand, attending events, and so much more.

If I knew I what I know now, and if I had a coach that would coach me the way I coach people today, I estimate that I would have saved a minimum of $30,000 USD that I literally burnt in my first year due to simply not knowing or having the wrong information.

Would investing a few hundred dollars in a coach to save thousands if not tens of thousands be worth it?


I came to the conclusion is that pretty much anyone can succeed online.

They just need the right vehicle for them. The right personalized guidance.

And that is where I identified I can bring value to the marketplace of internet marketing.

Personalized coaching and mentoring to those who want to succeed and are willing to do whatever it takes.

If you are completely new to online marketing of “make money online”, or have some experience but do not have the results you are hoping for or looking for straight up and honest guidance for your online business, this offer is for you.

In addition to being a “former newbie” myself, I have worked with 100s of newbies to internet marketing and I have an excellent understanding of where people are at where they get started, and the confusions and lack of clarity that arises when you just get started, or haven’t quite had the breakthrough you are hoping for.

Video testimonials for Eran’s coaching

Facebook Reviews

Linked-In Recommendations

I invite you to ask around people who have been my students. Ask anyone and investigate this for yourself if you have any doubt. There are plenty of people who will vouch for me if you ask them.

While I have several business ventures I work on, coaching is a major focus for me and is an important part of my business model.

The coaching is extremely affordable and personalized.

Would investing in a coach that would save you weeks and months of trial and error be worth it?

After talking with 100s of people about their online business, people from dozens of countries, a different state of their business, beginners and pros alike, there are common problems everyone are running into.

Are you trying to make money online but…

  • Sick of watching endless training videos and courses
  • Hate feeling information overload
  • Fed up with receiving non-stop marketing
  • Overwhelmed with ideas and not knowing what to focus on
  • Unsure how to actually put the pieces of the puzzle together
  • Uncertain what to actually do that will give you fastest results

If any of these resonates with you – my coaching is for YOU!

Am I the right coach for you?

Read on about my coaching process, and let’s find out.


The coaching process is extremely thorough and goes much beyond just a phone call:

1. Questionnaire:

Before I get on the phone, there is a pre-consultation questionnaire to get you to answer a whole bunch of questions in writing so that I can have some clarity on your challenges, circumstances, and desires.

This information gives me the ability to do my homework before we even get on the call to make sure our coaching call is extremely productive.

2. Payment:

Send me a payment on PayPal for $500 USD to my PayPal email address: contact@eranbucai.com using this link: PayPal (If you do not have a Business PayPal account, you should have one set up to have an internet business anyway). You can also pay using this link with a credit card.

3. Pre-consultation review:

Based on your questionnaire, I will review all the information you provided:

Review every one of your Social media accounts

Subscribe to your list (if you have one) and test your funnel myself

Review any website/funnel you have

Research any options pre-discussion so I can guide you accordingly.

In many cases, just from the money I saved them on unnecessary expenses and cutting costs, it paid for my coaching session alone.

4. Coaching call (1-on-1):

Get on the phone (WhatsApp or Zoom or Messenger) and share-screen as needed, and do a coaching call for 1-4 hours, as long as needed to get you clarity on what you are doing, where you are going, and laying out a path for you.

What you should invest in, what you shouldn’t invest in, what niche (if you haven’t figured it out), what level of accountability required to execute what we discuss, and anything else along these lines. Everything and everything.

My guarantee: By the end of our call there will be complete clarity on what to do next and a realistic and actionable strategy to execute.

5. After consultation personalized program and work:

Then, I spend 1-2 hours to put together a personalized program for you. It will be 100% personalized – no cookie-cutter stuff.

In some cases, I will help you with any freelance work you need in case you are looking to outsource some aspects of what you are trying to do.

The freelance work will be done by myself or other freelancers that I have connections with that I known and reliable. (this will be priced accordingly, depending on what is required)

Example: You might need a virtual assistant to take over tedious tasks off your plate. Instead of searching for one, I already have several that I know.

Example: You might want to get some copywriting work done. I have experienced and reliable copywriters I can refer you to, or I can do the work myself.

6. Continued communication and accountability:

Ongoing support is part of my membership.

You can read about it here: DotComTruths.com

The personalized program will be outlined in a collaboration tool called AirTable, so you can stay on track with the personalized program and simply execute step-by-step.

7. Group Coaching and Facebook Group:

You can join my Facebook group, Dot Com Truths for continued support. and training. The group is 100% free to join.

9. Educational video courses and digital downloads:

Coaching and training are two completely different services.

I have additional courses that you can invest in separate to the coaching.

Here is what one client said about my training:

If you want to keep up to date with the developments and updates of my journey as well the course, subscribe to my email list.

For additional digital products that I routinely create, there will be unexpected offers and bonuses for paying clients to give you everything you need to be able to be successful.

10. Non-negotiable conditions of working with me:

(a) You must WANT to work with me. I must WANT to work with you back. This is a mutual relationship where we both benefit and are comfortable working together for the long-term to help each other succeed. One of my paying clients is my go-to copywriter for example. Another one of my clients is my go-to web designer and graphic designer.

(b) NO refund policy – my time is not refundable, and thus, neither is the payment. I only want you to pay when you are 100% confident in the value you are going to get without any reservations.

If you think you might want a refund later, don’t pay me in the first place. No hard feelings. We can still be friends, you can still follow me and keep connected on social media, you just can’t be a paying client/customer.

You can also do some of my digital training courses, which is cheaper, and get a taste of my training, education, and value.

(c) You must be committed to working with me exclusively, and not take advice from other sources without coordinating or my referral. If you are going to work with me, work with me and be focused. I use many external resources, recommended books, recommended training programs, and all that anyway.

(d) When possible, use my affiliate links when making purchases for products/services that you would need to purchase, so I can get credit for it. This is for 2 reasons:

The first, I want you to consult with me before buying things relating to your business to ensure it is a needed expense and you are not just being marketed things you don’t need, 90% of the time I will tell you don’t buy it.

The second, if it is absolutely the right thing to make the purchase, or a different tool that solves the same problem is needed (e.g. software tool), it means I can give you my affiliate link so I can get credit for it. This is one of the reasons I can be so much cheaper than most coaches.

(e) You must be willing to commit to success long term, not “try” for a few weeks or months.

Do, or do not. There is no “try”.

You can’t fail if you don’t quit.

You are will me, and I am with you until you are successful and you do whatever it takes.

11. Summary:

You don’t need another $2000 online course so you can spend the next 50 hours watching endless videos that get you nowhere. You need PERSONALIZED COACHING.

If you are ready to take advantage of this offer, do the following:

1. Fill out the pre-consultation questionnaire (at the end of this page, and email me when done to tell me you’re ready!).

2. Immediately make a payment for $500 USD through PayPal (for the coaching session) or credit card.

3. As soon as I see your email come through, or payment notification, I will let you know right away and get to work to prepare for our coaching call to make it extremely productive.

Looking forward to the select few who will take advantage of this offer. The questionnaire is below for you to fill out and get started.

To our success,


Still got questions? Let’s take care of these now:

How Can I Learn Without Applying For Your Coaching?

Answer: Absolutely! Most of the things I learn, and use with my clients, is covered in business and entrepreneurial books. Visit my bookstore for all my book recommendations and I’ll even help you choose the right books for you to get started.

I have no money. Can I actually make money online?

Absolutely you can. Just so you know, when I started in late 2016 / early 2017, I spent the first few months sitting in McDonald’s using their 24/7 free Wifi because I couldn’t afford Wifi.

I did borrow money from friends at 20% interest to be able to invest in myself, my own education, and my first online business, to be able to succeed. I borrowed a lot more than what anyone would be comfortable with, and a lot more of what I needed simply because I did not know better.

Because of my experience as a newbie, and my success, I wanted to help others succeed online without having to go through the headaches and struggles I went through.

Therefore, I prepared a complete guide for starting an internet business from scratch with absolutely zero dollars invested. The only “catch” is I charge for that guide a small fee.

You might wonder, “why a small fee if it is free to start an online business?”

I will also be completely frank with you:

In my experience, anyone that has no money and uses that as an excuse has the wrong mindset and is not likely to succeed without addressing that.

Anyone that won’t invest in themselves, and pay something, will be more than likely a tyre-kicker and not fully committed.

I do not want to work with people who are not committed to their success. They are wasting their time, and they will waste my time.
If you are absolutely dead broke, I can recommend you free courses which I discuss on this Instagram post: https://www.instagram.com/p/ByNPGz8h-ft/

And when you are ready to invest $15/month into your education, you should start reading/listening to books. My recommendations are here: www.eranbucai.com/bookstore

Can I still get your help even if I don’t pay you?

Yes. Follow me on social media to get free content from me and leave comments on these channels with any questions.

YouTube channel has a ton of free content and tutorials.

My Instagram account has free content on a regular basis.

My Facebook page has free content on a regular basis, and occasional live streams.

My email subscribers get regular educational content sent to their inbox.

Can I get a coaching session and pay you later once I started making money?

I have made an exception previously. As a solution for that difficulty, I created the “$1 Dollar a Day Coaching Program“.

I just have some small questions, nothing big, and I don’t feel I need a full coaching session. Can I just ask those?

Yes. Go ahead and email those to me to contact@eranbucai.com, and I will do my best to answer and give you the right guidance.


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