If you are completely new to online marketing of “make money online”, or have some experience but do not have the results you are hoping for, or looking for straight up and honest guidance for your online business, this page is for you.

My name is Eran Bucai, and I am an online entrepreneur.

I have been working online since January 2017 and was a complete newbie – in fact, when I started I could not afford WiFI. I spent the first few months in McDonalds and shopping centres using their free WiFI.

In my first year I crossed 6-figures doing Affiliate Marketing and Coaching. I did this working full-time as an online entrepreneur making a full-time living until June 2018, as well as traveling for the first few months in 2018 to Las Vegas, Washington DC, Mexico, and Fiji.

Since June 2018, I have since taken up a 9 to 5 job to experience the “rat race” and run an experiment of working evenings and weekends on my “side hustles”. This is the situation that most people are in, and so I wanted to experience it.

In addition to being a “former newbie” myself, I have worked with 100s of newbies to internet marketing and I have excellent understanding of where people are at where they get started, and the confusions and lack of clarity that arises when you just get started, or haven’t quite had the breakthrough you are hoping for.

Therefore, I have opened up my time slots in the evenings and weekends to fit in a select few coaching clients.

The coaching is extremely affordable and personalized.

Please watch the following video that explains, and after you are done, continue reading, and I will lay out all the details in writing.

The coaching process, and my offers, plan, and vision:

1. Questionnaire:

Fill out the pre-consultation questionnaire.

2. Payment:

Send me a payment on PayPal for $200 USD to my PayPal email address: 
If you do not have a Business PayPal account, you should have one set up to have an internet business anyway.

3. Pre-consultation review:

I will review all the information you provided:

Review every one of your Social media accounts

Subscribe to your list (if you have one) and test your funnel myself

Review any website/funnel you have

Research any options pre-discussion so I can guide you accordingly.

4. Coaching call on Zoom (1-on-1):

Get on the phone (WhatsApp or Zoom) and share screen as needed, and do a coaching call for 1-2 hours, as long as need to get you clarity on what you are doing, where you are going, and laying out a path for you. What you should invest in, what you shouldn’t invest in, what niche (if you haven’t figured it out), what level of accountability required to execute what we discuss, and anything else along these lines.

5. After consultation personalized program:

Then, I spend 1-2 hours to put together a personalized program for you. It will look similar to this blog. and will be 100% personalized.

6. Continued communication and accountability:

From there, we keep in touch through emails, where ideally I’ll be expecting an email update daily.

7. Group Coaching Weekly/Fortnightly/Monthly Accountability session:

This is not something I am going to do at this point, but once I quit my 9 to 5 job, I will re-consider. If you have interest in that, email me or comment below or send me a message on the website so I can make note of those interested to see how I should structure it. (the more people show interest, the more affordable I am going to be able to make it, so don’t hold back on letting me know).

8. Optional: Additional 1-on-1 coaching sessions:

At this point I am not offering additional 1-on-1 coaching sessions. You are not going to make money by talking to me. If you feel it is absolutely necessary to have a regular coaching call for accountability purposes, I will charge $100 USD per call if absolutely necessary.

I do give unlimited support on email.

I definitely recommend you check out pricing of other 1-on-1 coaching online to compare for yourself and see how much of a steal this is.

9. Online Entrepreneurship Coaching with Eran Bucai, video course:

This course is created to compliment the 1-on-1 coaching session, and is sold together with the coaching.

===> You can preview the course here

At this point the course is not for sale on its own.

It will consist of over 100 YouTube videos/tutorials/training (as short as 2 minutes and as long as 3.5 hours), along with numerous hacks, tricks, secrets, free resources, and unbelievable amount of time savers. 

Note: This whole course will be license-able (e.g. similar concept to a Franchise), but I am not selling an early-bird for that. It will be a high-ticket when released. Pre-release, there will be early-bird pricing. If you want to keep up to date with the developments and update of my journey as well the course and opportunity, subscribe to my email list.

If you want to get a taste of my training, you can get access to my free course: HOW THE ONLINE WORLD REALLY WORKS

This course is also a kind of a pre-requisite to the Coaching Video Course above. 

10. Testimonials:

If you are interested to hear what other students have said about me, you can watch this YouTube video.

Also, to alleviate any doubt, I invite you ask around people who have been my students. Ask anyone and investigate this for yourself if you have any doubt.

At this point, with my tight schedule, I won’t bother “documenting my credibility”.

There are plenty of people who will vouch for me if you ask them.

I am focusing my time on creating the content for the training, and doing the 1-on-1 coaching services, and my other “side hustles”.

If you are reading this and you want to give me a video testimonial I would LOVE that too.

11. Non-negotiable conditions of working with me:

You must WANT to work with me. I must WANT to work with you back.

NO refund policy. If you think you might want one later, don’t pay me in the first place. No hard feelings. We can still be friends, you can still follow me and keep connected on social media, you just can’t be my client/customer.

You must be committed to working with me exclusively, and not take advice from other sources without coordinating or my referral. If you are going to work with me, work with me and be focused. I use many external resources, recommended books, recommended training programs, and all that anyway.

You must use my affiliate links when making purchases for products/services that you would need to purchase, so I can get credit for it.

You must be willing to commit to success long term, not “try” for a few weeks or months.

Do, or do not. There is no “try”.

You can’t fail, if you don’t quit.

12. Summary:

If you want to take advantage of this offer, do the following:

1. Fill out the pre-consultation questionnaire.

2. PayPal me $200 USD (for coaching session + online entreprenuership coaching video course).

Looking forward to the select few who will take advantage of this offer.

Kind regards,

Eran Bucai

PS – still not sure? Watch this Online Presentation on my top 5 reasons why people fail online, and how to fix it