Children Phonics

This is going to be another one of Eran’s random blogs – Children Phonics.

Phonics is defined as: “a method of teaching people to read by correlating sounds with symbols in an alphabetic writing system.”

For those I don’t know me, I left school after year-9. I couldn’t stand it anymore, and it was legal to leave school at that point.

My parents were okay with my decision, but my father said I still have to continue educating myself at home during school hours. He wasn’t going to home school me, he expected me to home shcool myself. So I did.

I remember he bought me a Children’s Encyclopedia which I read cover to cover. I loved it.

In today’s world, kids are glued to their iPad, or iPhone, and whatever electronics are put in front of them.

Parents can choose to give their little kids an iPad to play computer game and entertain themselves.

It is hard to blame them – kids can be hard work. And sometimes you prefer to have them entertained so you can have a break.

Another aspect is that education for kids is valuable.

What if you can combine all these things: entertain your child for hours, AND have them getting educated on Phonics at the same time?

I recently came across a product that makes is possible. It is called PHONICS HERO.

Yes, I registered myself for it, and tested it out. It is brilliant and any parents with a young child under the age of 5 would be doing an excellent investment in their child.

The price is completely negligable.

7-days free trial (no credit card required) to test it out and see if the parents and the child likes it.

If the trial goes well, the cost is under $50 for 6-MONTHS use of this. Parents pay more than that for a nanny for 1 evening!

It is really great to come across great products, and be able to promote it to people who could benefit greatly from this.

This is one of the beautiful part of entrepreneurship – it is not about making money. It is about solving real problems in our world and making it a better place.

If you have a child under 5 years old, try it out now. START A FREE TRIAL


Eran Bucai

ps – If you don’t have an iPad, you can get a fairly cheap one on Amazon in case you as fearful your child might damage it… check it out on Amazon.

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