Books are the most affordable and efficient way to learn.

You can learn from successful people’s years of experience, good and bad, and consume their journey in a matter of hours.

For a few dollars, you get a lifetime of priceless business lessons, tips, and tricks.

There are FOUR methods you can learn books:

(1) Audiobooks:

Listen to audiobooks through monthly subscriptions programs like Audible. This is the method I use. I am not big on reading books, but I love listening to books. I listen to them whenever I walk down the street to make most of my time. I listen to 1 book per month. When you sign up for Audible, they usually have an incentive for you to sign up by offering the first one or two audiobooks for free. Click this link to sign up.

(2) Audio Book Summaries:

There are companies that take books and summarize the key points into a short audio format. If you are pressed for time and want to get the guts of a book, you can subscribe to a program like Blinkist.

(3) Watch video presentations of books:

There is a company that takes books of successful entrepreneurs and turn it into a video program where someone explains the book to you. This is like taking a book and turning him into a sort of a movie-style or a face to face video explainer. If you don’t like reading or listening, and want things explained to you, you can sign up for MentorBox.

(4) Physical Books

And of course, there is just the good old way of reading books. There are two absolute must books for anyone who wants to make money online, and these are a must get in their physical format.

Even if you don’t like reading, even if you chose to sign up for Audible, Blinkist or MentorBox, there are two books that you must get in the physical format and I will explain why next.


Dot Com Secrets is as close as it gets to the bible of internet marketing, making money online, having an internet business, and automating your customer acquisition process online. When you get this book, there are several upsells. You can buy these if you want. What is more important is you buy the book, and observe how the whole sales process online takes place and learn from that too.

Once you purchase the book, send me an email to let me know you bought, title it DOT COM SECRETS RECEIPT and email it to support@eranbucai.com

My team will email you access to a free 100+ pages PDF that will take you through step-by-step mapping out your online business concurrent to reading this book.


Expert Secrets goes hand-in-hand with Dot Com Secrets. This book is the blueprint to taking whatever you are passionate and skilled about and turning that expertise into a profitable online business.

Again, once you purchase the book, send me an email to let me know you bought, title it EXPERT SECRETS RECEIPT and email it to support@eranbucai.com

My team will email you a free 100+ pages PDF that will take you through step-by-step mapping out your online business concurrent to reading this book too.


Below you will find every book I have read and/or listened to and I recommend you do too. If you need help with which one to start, start with these:



Lastly, each picture below has a picture of the book, along with 3 key takeaways I learned from these books. These posts I created for my Instagram account, and are used to give you a snippet of what each book is about. Just scrolling through this page, you will learn a TON!

Some books are great for newbies, some are not, and some should be read only after reading other books first.

To help you choose, below each infographic, I give my opinion about who should buy that book, and when.

I create a big black button under each infographic so when you find the book/s you want, you just click it and it will take you straight to the site that sells that particular book.

Recommend for: Anyone. All about mindset to do with money. Great first book for newbies.

Recommend for: Anyone. Must for any entrepreneur as early as possible in their career. Tips on sales, but also the mindset to do with sales and your business in general.

Recommend for: Anyone. The blueprint to financial freedom. Perfect for newbies, recommend you get this as early as possible. Most practical book you’ll ever read.

Recommend for: People who want to turn their passion, knowledge or expertise into a business or a career. Must purchase for any of my clients.

Recommend for: Anyone who wants to have any sort of internet business. As close as it gets to the “Bible” of online marketing. Must purchase for any of my clients.

Recommend for: Anyone. Perfect book for newbies. All about financial literacy and mindset.

Recommend for: Anyone who wants to take their life to the next level. Recommended after the Millionaire Booklet, and Sell or Be Sold.

Recommend for: Anyone who wants to understand the social media game better. Good for newbies, but recommend you do this after Dot Com Secrets, Expert Secrets, and Millionaire Booklet.

Recommend for: Any entrepreneur. Great for Australians, inspiring for women. Good for newbies.

Recommend for: Anyone, men and women. If you’re single and looking for a partner, with a partner, struggling with a partner, or any interest in improving that area of your life, this is the perfect book to get. Recommended both get it and read it.

Recommend for: Any entrepreneur. Also if you happen to have a drug or alcohol problem, any sort of addictions in life, this would be the book to start with. But applies to any entrepreneur.

Recommend for: Anyone, especially newbies who are broke. Also good for more people who had a setback in their business and had some losses or starting over from scratch.

Recommend for: Any entrepreneur, good for newbies. Especially if you’re starting from “nothing”.

Recommend for: Anyone. A good book to start with but if you are new don’t get too caught up in the voluminous amount of links and recommendations. Worth re-visiting for more advanced entrepreneurs to take notes and make use of the resources and recommendations in the book.

Recommend for: Anyone. Good book to start for newbies, as the first book.

Recommend for: Anyone. Read this after reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

Recommend for: Anyone. Good for improving your mindset as an entrepreneur.

Recommend for: Startups, tech & software companies, online entrepreneurs.

Recommend for: Sales people. Entrepreneurs who need to improve their sales skills, i.e. any entrepreneur. Get this book after Millionaire Booklet and Sell or Be Sold. Best way to study this book is AUDIO BOOK (to listen to Grant demonstrating closing techniques).

Recommend for: Startups, innovation, experienced entrepreneurs. Listen to ‘Rework’ first. Not for newbies.

Recommend for: Anyone with debts. Step-by-step guide to become debt-free and being more financially intelligent. If you have debts or issues managing money, this is a book you should get as early as possible, i.e. now.

If you have any further questions or would like more personalised recommendation and approach, you can always get a 1-on-1 coaching call.


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