Cristiano Ronaldo non-shock move to Juventus

This blog is for entrepreneurs, who are also somewhat football (aka soccer) fans. If that’s you, read it till the end – there’s going to be a great video with great tips at the end too.

I like to resemble entrepreneurship to sports.

Even self-made Billionaire Mark Cuban says that business is the ultimate sport.

I see athletes like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Shaq, Ronaldo, Messi, and many others as entrepreneurs.

Everything that makes a successfull entrepreneur in terms of qualities, successful athletes have.

– Willingness to do whatever it takes
– Complete focus and dedication to their craft
– Constant willingness to learn and improve
– Always wanting to do better and win
– Always wanting to be better than the competition
– Getting fired up when people criticize them
– Wanting to prove their doubters wrong

Ronaldo’s move to Juventus is fantastic in my opinion.

And this move demonstrated another quality of entrepreneurship that you don’t always equete to sports: INNOVATION

Many companies had to innovate and pivot in a different direction to become great. Rarely do things go exactly as planned for the beginning, and hard decisions are made along the way to create a better future, a bigger game, and to dominate.

Ronaldo was scouted and recruited by Sporting Lisbon at the age of 12 and moved away from his family to become a professional football player.

Ronaldo started at 18 years old in England in Manchester United – did 6 years, and won evey single trophy in England, including the Champions League, and Ballon D’Or.

Ronaldo moved to Real Madrid in Spain at 24 and played in Real Madrid for 9 years: won the Ballon D’Or 4 times (possibly 5, will find out soon enough), and Champions League back to back for 3 years straight and 4 times in total, as well as every possible personal and collective trophy.

He managed to also win an unexpected international trophy with Portugal, winning the European Championship in 2016.

There is literally nothing more to be achieved in Real Madrid.

He is at the top of his career there.

There are only two types of records left for him to break in Real Madrid: (1) his own records; (2) “The oldest person to….” type records.

The World Cup is being held, the biggest tournament in world football, maybe even worldwide of any sport, Portugal is out already, Quarter Finals and Semi-Finals are on-going, and everyone are talking about Ronaldo’s shock move to Juventus!

First rule of entrepreneurship – GET ATTENTION!

At the age of 33, most football players retire, or move to a smaller league (i.e. Qatar, MLS in the USA, China, Russia, Turkey, and so on) – and usually cash in on a big payday before their are too old to pay at all but are still a big enough name worthy of investing in for advertising and promotion purposes. Or they seat on the bench and continue to collect their salary in their top club. Either way, it is generally a downhill.

Not Ronaldo.

He moves to the top team in Italy, who has a record winning streak of the Italian league and have come very close to winning the Champions League several times in recent years and mostly because of Ronaldo’s efforts were left out in the losing side.

The top leagues in the world are undoubtedly Spain, England and Italy. Ronaldo conquered every achievement in Spain and England. Last remaining is Italy.

Will he do it?

Will he flop?

Only time will tell.

But one thing for sure, his INNOVATION is creating a worldwide buzz and will probably continue to do so in the coming few years as he continues to score goal, break records, and win.

Before you go, I want to share a recent interview with him before this move occurred, where if you listen closely, he gives some incredible tips for enrepreneurship, sports, and life.

Listen to the 3 priorities in his craft and how this applies to you, your entrepreneurial journey, and life.

And listen to his quick-fire questions at the end, couple of golden tips there too.

Hope you enjoyed this article.


ps – if you haven’t watch RONALDO – THE MOVIE, you should check it out. I wouldn’t be surprised if they do Part 2… you never know….
Also, you can get his biography here. Or his documentary here.

2 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo non-shock move to Juventus

  1. This blog is so so on time for me. I have a fear moving forward in my business. I have no idea where this fear comes from. But I am challenging that fear by vlogging it and posting it. I fear that I will not know what to do when I make the money, get the recognition, and the opportunities.

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