I Have been asked by a number of my followers and subscribers to share my viewpoint and recommendation in regards to the business model called DROPSHIPPING.

Dropshipping is probably one of the lowest cost online business opportunities.

There are many options to make money online, and one way you should look into is Dropshipping, especially if you have time on your hands, and your pockets are somewhat empty.

I will be honest – there is not escape to having some money to start any business.

But Dropshipping is somewhat of an exception and you can get away with very low budget.

In my research to finding an online business opportunity, I have looked into various options to make money online.

Dropshipping deals with physical products, finding suppliers and wholesalers who will do the work for you while you create an online store and learn to drive traffic to that store.

Even though I do not do Dropshipping (by choice), I have some understanding and here are my two cents worth:

Firstly, to do dropshipping you need a website, which is like your store front. You can get that for $30 per month and this is the perfect start for any beginner. The platform is called SHOPIFY. You can test-drive it for 14-days for free. CLICK HERE

Secondly, if you hate the idea of committing to a monthly subscription like that (I would), than I have found an incredible alternative which is a one-time payment option. It is not as well-known as Shopify, so it is unlikely you heard of it. It is called Drop Gecko. Check it out, it’s well explained here.

Thirdly, you will need to find suppliers, manufacturars and wholesalers who will product and ship the products you want to sell. You should invest in the training and directory that I invested in, it is under $100 and gives you an excellent resources to getting started with Dropshipping in ANY industry, ANY product, and gives you true step by step process from A to Z. And it is a directory for creditable suppliers, manufacturars and wholesalers.
Click here to get your copy of it.

Fourthly, it is very likely you will need some training on Facebook and Instagram advertising. It is simply the biggest platforms to promote by the simple fact that they are the most targetted and have the most people on it (i.e. Billions of users). For that, I have some free training that I am recommending here. Enjoy!

Some of the above will have costs associated, and it is important you invest in those if you want to be successful.

I will tell you why it is important to do that.

The truth is that everything you need to know about any online business, Amazon, Dropshipping, Affiliate Marketing, you name it – everything can be found on line for FREE.

So why pay?

I’ll tell you why – because you can try and reinvent the wheel and figure it out by going through 100s of YouTube videos, articles, and try to find the right informaiton. But the problem is you are playing with your TIME!

What is more valuable, time or money?

Money can always be made, borrowed, raised, created.

Time disappears, every second, every minute, is non-refundable.

So when you are investing in a product like the Directory and the training and software I’m talking about, you are paying with a bit of cash instead of paying with blood, sweat, tears, pains, and crucial mistakes.

Lets say you get $10 an hour in your work, that is 10 hours worth of work.

Is having all the information you need to start your Dropshipping business in one location, fully organized, worked out, step by step from A to Z, going to save you 10 hours?

You bet it will – in will save you 10s if not 100s of hours.

So this is honestly a bargain.

To buy the Dropshipping directory and training I recommend, called SaleHoo: Click Here!

Last tip for you – if you are going to take up Dropshipping, and purchase this product I am recommending – you need to FOCUS. Don’t try Amazon, don’t try Affiliate Marketing – don’t TRY. DO, or DO NOT. Pick a business opportunity and RUN WITH IT. FOCUS. COMMIT.

That’s the key to entrepreneurship.

Hope this article helps.

As always, love to hear your feedback.


Eran Bucai

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