High-Income Skills

The best way to start an online business is by learning a high-income skill.

If you are an expert at something already, like a personal trainer, or a certified nutritionist, you already have that type of skill.

But if you are a corporate employee, or just fresh out of high school, or someone like me who didn’t even go to high-school and has no diploma or certification in anything – the solution is to pick a high-income skill we can learn and start exchanging with the marketplace.

I want about this whole process in detail in this 30 minutes training video which I invite you to watch now.

When done watching the video, I will include the relevant links to various options of high-income skills for you to check out.


Buy the book Copywriting Secrets (free book, pay for shipping).

I also have a Beginner’s Guide for a Freelance Copywriting Business that you can check out. This is a 50-pages comprehensive guide on this topic.

If you have ZERO dollars to spend to learn anything you can check out these 2 free resources: Backlinko definitive guide for copywriting, and CopyHackers website and free resources. (Note that I have not paid for their paid courses so I cannot recommend these – but the free resources they provide is awesome).

You can also sign up for 2-months for FREE on Skillshare and find courses on Copywriting or any other skill you wish. That’s TWO MONTHS to learn whatever you need without paying a cent.

Videography and photography:

Sign up for Skillshare and receive 2-months for FREE and find Videography or Video Editing courses as well as photography training. This is relating to how to shoot videos, how to take photos professional. There are plenty. You have literally TWO MONTHS without having a pay a cent. That’s plenty of time to learn.

An example of how simple it is to earn money doing this.

I had one client who was a photographer of baby photos. People want their baby photos taken. There is a time crunch as they want the baby photos when the baby is just born or a specific size or age. The sales process is really short and people pay premium prices.

You can earn $1K and more in a weekend if you know what you are doing by simply finding clients in your local area.


You can go to w3school which is 100% free resources to learn a whole bunch of programming/coding languages. If I knew about this website when I first started online, I would have been on it day and night to learn everything I possibly could. I simply didn’t even know about this possibility or skill and the potential of knowing that skill and being a master at it.

Again, you can also sign up for Skillshare and receive 2-months for FREE and find all sorts of coding and programming courses. There are plenty. You have literally TWO MONTHS without having a pay a cent. That’s plenty of time to learn.

Website Design:

Building websites has various levels of expertise. A website designer can be someone who knows coding, programming, and advanced software development knowledge and expertise.

But with all the technology and software tools we have available today, you really don’t have to be a programmer or coder or a software developer. You can literally be a stay at home mom sitting at home watching her child and learn certain basics and be able to literally build a website in a matter of days. It is really possible.

Now, it goes without saying, that your first website will probably suck. But we all suck in the beginning. Just like when we first tried walking, we fell on our behind. There is literally no difference. But the barrier to learning this skill is practically non-existent.

Again, you can also sign up for Skillshare and receive 2-months for FREE and find all sorts of website development courses, specifically on how to use WordPress. There are plenty. You have literally TWO MONTHS without having a pay a cent. That’s plenty of time to learn.

But it is even easier than that. There are website creation software tools out there who need people to know how to use their software so they become customers. And these companies will teach you everything about how to use their software so you can either be a client or be a website designer who builds website for other clients.

Examples of these companies are Wix, Squarespace, Elementor and others.

You can also go to SiteGround, buy a domain name (your personal name) and a basic hosting. Once you do that, buy a WordPress plugin called Elementor and simply follow Elementor’s training, tutorials and templates. You’ll be able to build websites in a matter of days/weeks.

You can also buy the domain name and hosting, and instead of using WordPress and Elementor, you simply sign up to EranFunnels and build a website there. The learning curve by doing that is even smaller.

Shopify is another great software that you can learn how to build websites on. This is a good choice if you want to learn how to build eCommerce sites (selling physical products) for yourself and your clients. I can give you an account with Shopify to create your own website to start with and learn how to do it, and then guide you further on how to do this – just read this Quora answer I wrote.

If you want to play with a Shopify store, please email me to support@eranbucai.com and I will give you access to a Shopify store.

Note that your value as a website designer will increase if you are also a copywriter and can add value with copywriting service as part of the package.

Funnel Builder:

This skill is practically identical to the website designer, except for your speciality would be on creating sales funnels. Websites typically are with an “about me”, a “blog”, “contact us”, and so on. This is the traditional type of website.

A sales funnel, I define as “a website that SELLS.”

So this is a similar skill but has a whole philosophy, structure, and training to be done. Websites are “pretty”, funnels are designed to sell.

The best way to learn about funnels is to buy the books Dot Com Secrets, Expert Secrets, Copywriting Secrets, and Traffic Secrets. These are a must. You should also take the One Funnel Away Challenge.

There are a number of funnel software tools out there that you can sign up for and simply become a customer first and then learn how to build funnels for clients using these funnels. This is an excellent way to make money online because you can easily start earning passive income.

My recommended software tools to do this type of career are Kartra and ClickFunnels. You need to have at least $100/month capital to start doing that with ClickFunnels (although ideally, you have $300/month), and at least $200/month to start doing that with Kartra.

There is also up and coming software called GrooveFunnels, and even though I paid for it myself, I would not recommend this yet as this is still in its early stages.

And the cheapest option to learn and start this type of a career is to sign up to EranFunnels ($25/month or included as part of your membership with me).

Note that starting a “Funnels Builder Career” is what I have done and so this is going to be a future course (I even bought the domain FunnelsCareer.com).

If you are interested in that, please comment on this blog to let me know. The more interest I have, the faster I will make sure I create it.

Video Animation:

This is one of my favourite high-income skills. In my video above, I mentioned a video animation that one of my clients created. I got his permission to use it for my own marketing and educational content and I am sharing it with you below.

By the way, this client learned this video animation skill as a side hustle and after getting good at it but making no money from it as a freelancer, it ended up being hired by a corporate company to create video animations as a 9 to 5 employee for their company.

This is a large company in Canada, and he does all their video training for human resources department, and other use-cases. He literally landed his absolute dream job doing something he absolutely loves.

There is nothing wrong with having a job. And this is a perfect example of how a high-income skill can lead you to where you want to be.

And I might add – he told me how much he makes doing this – and it is a great salary!

And he works from home and the company pays for all his equipment and subscriptions to be able to do these creations. Win-win all around.

Now, you might ask, how can you learn to do the same?

There are plenty of software tools out there that you can buy and subscribe too that will enable you to do this with ease.

I want to note that I am sharing links but I have not bought all these software tools myself (although I bought some).

WhiteBoard animation software = I have personally bought the software called Doodly. I have made very little use of it but it is good software and easy enough to learn and use.

Video animation software = This is a video animation software created by the same brand of Doodly and Automatic Scripts (copywriting creation software), which I bought both. Both are great and therefore I am confident Toonly would be good software to use for video animation too. If you buy it, and you have a negative review, please do let me know so I can look into this myself and potentially remove this recommendation from this blog.

Video Editing =Video editing is the next skill I want to share. With video editing, you can create super engaging videos. Here is an example of a decent video editing project I did as part of launching my Dot Com Truths project.

There are many video editing software tools out there. Adobe Premiere Pro, Camtasia, iMovie and more.

What I suggest is you sign up for Skillshare and receive 2-months for FREE and find all sorts of video editing courses, with all types of software. There are plenty. You have literally TWO MONTHS without having a pay a cent. That’s plenty of time to learn.


There is no discrimination in opportunity. The opportunities are there. You do not need money to get started. You need motivation. You need to put in the effort. And you need to take action.

When I started online in 2017, I was on the unemployment benefit. I could not afford WiFi and was doing all my online learning by sitting in shopping centres and McDonald’s using their free WiFi. I did not have a Facebook account, Instagram account, and I didn’t even know the word “entrepreneur” existed.

We all start at zero.

If you are reading this blog – you have internet connection and a device. And you can pick any of the above skills and make it happen.

If you need to find your first customer, you can always hit me up with what you offer and give me an offer I cannot refuse. I am always looking for great people to give them work to help grow my business.

Eran Bucai

PS – There is one skill we did not talk about in this blog which is SALES. This is the absolute must skill you need in addition to one of the above. To learn about learn, I recommend you get the books Sell or Be Sold and Closer’s Survival Guide. I also recommend my Client Acquisition Course which you can get included as part of my annual premium membership as seen below.

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