Great connecting with you. I was gonna send an email, and with what I wanted to communicate it was simpler and more professional to put together on a web page on my website. You’ll see why in a moment, I included images etc.

I wanted to take the time to outline everything professionally as I really resonate with your niche. You can see my own Instagram account, and also my own website: www.eranbucai.com/bookstore, books are a huge part of my business.

Anyhow, let’s dive in.


It’s great on the mobile subscription app you’re doing. That sounds awesome.

Having a software business is definitely a perfect way to have passive income.

Before I even dive into my proposal regarding some sort of joint venture to do with affiliate marketing, I wanted to share something on this topic of software with you.

I’ve been wanting to do some software business too for quite some time but never really pulled the trigger. Some months ago I actually bought a book that I reckon you will absolutely LOVE.

It is called SOFTWARE SECRETS. This is honestly one of the most practical entrepreneurial books I have read. I am still not even fully done with it but I am implementing it as I go.

I decided while reading it to pull the trigger on a software service called “chatb.io”. You can check out my two websites:

Chatbotsites.com = designed for businesses who have a website and is $500+ service.

Chatb.io = designed for Instagram business accounts to create a custom link in the bio, which is actually a Chatbot. You can see a demo of this “chat in the bio” on these Instagram accounts:

Eran Bucai (my own Instagram)

Military Humor (129K followers)

Enzo (entrepreneur in the US, approx 2500 followers)

There are a few large Instagram accounts coming up soon too… (by the way, if you want one, happy to create one for you as well – you can read more about it on my website: chatb.io). If you want one, there is a simple onboarding application form that you fill out in the link in the bio on the @chatinthebio Instagram account.

Anyone, the point is here to share with you the book Software Secrets so you can buy it for yourself as I am positive it will help you with your software business venture!

==> Here is the link for Software Secrets Book


Now, this brings me to the second aspect to talk to you about which is affiliate marketing.

See I am affiliated with ClickFunnels and they have (in my opinion) the best marketing and online business-related books in the industry. I do not always recommend the software (for example, I personally use WordPress), however, it is the right tool for some people also.

With affiliate marketing, promoting books is not exactly lucrative. However, when you have affiliate programs like ClickFunnels it can be much more lucrative for you in general. And it is a great product to promote.

From the Software Secrets book I shared with you, I make $1 commission. Doesn’t sound like much but there are upsells.

For example, you should watch this 30 minutes training video as well (don’t worry about buying, you can if you want, but that’s not my point). The point is you can recommend this book also, and have that upsell, and if someone buys from the webinar you’ll get 40% (approx $200 dollars).


Additionally, there are a total of 5 book funnels that you can promote which aligns perfectly what with you are already doing. It goes without saying you should absolutely buy them for your own education, if you haven’t already. (don’t worry about the upsells, I’m just suggesting the books for now). Let me show you what they are:


Dot Com Secrets = this is as close as it gets (in my opinion) to the “bible” of making money online and internet marketing. Every one of my clients order it at my recommendation. When you promote this as an affiliate, here is a screenshot showing your potential earnings.

The full Dot Com Secrets Affiliate Funnel


Expert Secrets = this is (in my opinion) as close as it gets to the “bible” of educating a person from scratch on how to take their expertise, skill, experience, knowledge, passion, etc and turning it into a profitable business. When you promote this as an affiliate, here is a screenshot showing your potential earnings.

The full Expert Secrets Affiliate Funnel


Funnel Hacker Cookbook = This is a guide for funnels, and all the elements and components of funnels. When you promote this as an affiliate, here is a screenshot showing your potential earnings.

The full Funnel Hacker Cook Book Affiliate Funnel

Network Marketing Secrets = This another book that gives the “online funnel marketing” way to build a Network Marketing Business. When you promote this as an affiliate, here is a screenshot showing your potential earnings.

The full Network Marketing Secrets Affiliate Funnel


Software Secrets = As discussed, this is an awesome book to build a software busines/company. And the upsell here is from recall the additional books and also this digital course about building a software business as explained in this webinar.


Most people don’t realize, you can actually sign up to be a ClickFunnels affiliate and promote all these great products without having to be a ClickFunnels user yourself.

The link to sign up for a Free Affiliate account this:


What’s the benefit for me?

When you sign up as an affiliate using my link (above), and you promote and have success making 40% commissions on every sale, I also get 5% of every sale you get. That does not take away from your 40% at all. We both win.

This also gives me a big incentive to help you have everything you need to succeed.

In my personal marketing, I have a few bonuses that I offer as part of my promotion. Here are examples you can look:

When someone buys any of the books, I give them these bonuses: DOT COM SECRETS BONUSES

When someone buys a $100 training with ClickFunnels (called “The One Funnel Away”, I have another set of bonuses including personal coaching for the period of this training (it is daily for 30 days). Here is the page showing the bonuses.

I am now in the process of creating a completely new bonus which is going to be for those people who actually end up signing up with Clickfunnels using my link (i.e. the actual software). This will be a course from A to Z on how to promote ClickFunnels as an affiliate.

In exchange for you using my links (to buy the books and sign up for an affiliate account), I’m happy to give you all the bonuses whether you set up your own customer account with ClickFunnels or not.

Gosh, it would be slightly embarrassing if you end up telling me you are already a Clickfunnels affiliate or user! Oh well.

I’m also happy to discuss how to further help you make this successful.


There are other affiliate programs you can sign up for that would make sense in your niche, such as MentorBox, Blinkist, etc. Happy to show you some others that might align with what you’re doing and help you monetize your Instagram even more. Especially since it’s your baby and you’re already putting some much work into it.

Again I don’t want this to be a distraction to your software business venture, but I think it will dovetail really well with what you are already doing!

Let me know what you think!

Eran Bucai


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