If you are interested in passive, residual income, read until the end as this might be something you can do with one simple action that.

I have work witha Facebook Agency who is experienced in helping local businesses get more clients.

The way Facebook Agency works, is they charge a small business a retainer for their services, anywhere from $500 to $1000 and sometimes a lot more, every single month, for running their Facebook Advertising.

The local business gives the funding for their advertising spend as well, depending on the business and the type of clients they want to attract.

So the Facebook Marketing Agency would collect as an example $2500 USD per month from a local business.

$1000 is the profit of the agency.

$1500 is used on the paid Facebook Advertising. $1500 USD divided by 30 days is $50 a day.

The Facebook Marketing Agency creates the sales funnel and drives traffic and new customers to the local business.

The local business makes profit $10,000 worth of sales, and so they invested $2500 a month but made $10,000 in return.

Local businesses are ALWAYS looking for new clients.

New clients is the blood of any business.

So the service provided is extremely valuable and is required month after month so long as the business is in operation.

You have 2 options: become a Facebook Marketing Agency, or connect local businesses to an existing Facebook Agency that does the work for you.

Facebook Marketing Agencies do not generally pay out referral fees, or if they do, it is a one-time payment, or if they do a monthly commission, it is at best 10%.

As an example, I was approached to actively sell to local business and get 10% of the monthly retainer. Not as a referrer, but as a SALES PERSON.

The Facebook Marketing Agency I partnered with is working with me and my friends and followers and is willing to pay as high as 30% of the MONTHLY RETAINER.

The owner of the agency takes on clients only after the business owner themselves speaks to him on the phone to strategize what is required for their business, to ensure this is a good fit for the agency as well as the local business.

The local business has to be able to financially commit to absolute minimum of $15 a day ($450 a month) in advertising spend, and $1000 in monthly retainer. There are also set up costs of the website, which is determined on the converstaion, but generally $1000.

Examples of local business:
1. Roofing
2. Personal Injury
3. Divorce Attourney
4. Pain Management
5. Mortgage Buyer & Refinance
6. Podiatrist Assessment
7. Plastic Surgeon Makeover Contest Campaign
8. Workers Comp Attorney
9. Electrician
10. HVAC
11. Home Care
12. Gym or Fitness
13. Spa – Facial (Wellness Center)
14. Hair Salon
15. Yoga
16. Real Estate Investor
17. Realtor
18. Plumbing
19. Wedding Photographer
20. Garage Door Repair
21. Furnace & AC Tune-up
22. Lawn Care
23. Dental Implant & Cleaning
24. Financial Planner
25. Chiro Assessment & Adjustment
26. Auto Hail Damage Repair
27. Sell Your Home Fast (As is) Campaign
28. Tattoo Removal Campaign

Any other type of local business can work well too. It is simply a matter of getting on the phone with the agency owner to asses whether the service is a good fit for the business and the agency.

I am not suggesting that you go out and start door knocking on local business, or cold calling.

But if you happen to have a personal connection, a friend, a family member, a local business you are a regular at, and have a personal connection to a decision maker in that business, you can brief them about this opportunity and get them interested to get on the phone with the Facebook Agency owner.

The worse thing that will happen, is they will say no, or they won’t be a good fit.

The best thing, is they will sign up for the service, get more clients and expand their business, and you will get as much as $300 USD every single month for just ONE referral without doing ANY of the work beyond the initial introduction.

If you want to start your own Facebook Advertising Agency, let me know and I will give you recommendation for the best training online to be able to do that.

Otherwise, this is an invitation for you to look through your phone contacts, your local area, your connections, and check out this option in case you know of a business that might benefit from this.

If you have someone or something set up, let me know and I will need to get on the phone first and asses this is a potential good fit. Once I establish some information and qualify them, I turn them over to speak to the FB Agency that I work with for an assessment of the business and formulate a strategy to help the business get more clients, and if all agreed, do the transaction.

Looking forward to your referrals.

Eran Bucai


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