Hi Robert,

To start with, I recorded a 17 minutes video that I would like you to watch, take notes, and let me know your thoughts about the different ideas I mentioned. I threw out there a bunch of options and ideas, some you may have done, thought about, or didn’t know how to do, or didn’t know were possible.

There would obviously be a sequence of actions, but we can discuss that later once you watch the video, and see additional thoughts and links I will leave below.

Note the video did not cover everything, and there is more details in writing later.

Military Muscle Video presentation

To summarise and add, here are the key points and links for you to review:

Expenses, costs, bottom line:

Paying $500 – $750 in advertising and having 15K USD ROI is a excellent. Why not scale it up further. I can only assume you probably have a lot of overheads, and you are not as profitable as you could be.

As you know from Grant Cardone, increase income is the solution.

But don’t negate making unnecessary expenses. With every individual client I have coached, no matter how good they are (or think they are) with their money, once they listed all their expenses and costs, it was clear they are wasting money every month. They have leaks in their bucket. I would be shocked if you have no leaks in yours.

I did a video tutorial on this for my clients which you can check out. When I created the video course, I did the practical myself, and I found leaks in my finances too. And found options to reduce overheads and therefore increase bottom line.

Value Ladder / Business Plan:

Value Ladder is a vital concept that Russell Brunson introduces in his book DOT COM SECRETS.

I am sure, the content of the training you bought in the conference will cover a lot of that. But regardless of that training, if you haven’t already, you should absolutely by 3 of the key books by Russell, and here are the link. Do this now.

Dot Com Secrets – buy it now

Expert Secrets – buy it now

Funnel Hacker Cookbook – buy it now

Note: When you buy, don’t just buy as a consumer. Buy and watch the text, watch the videos, and consume the information so you can learn from a marketer perspective how to create these types of pages for your own products and/or service. This is a learning experience of the power of Sales Funnels.

Once you buy (or if you already have), go ahead and download this PDF workbook that goes along with the books, specifically Dot Com Secrets.

==> Download the PDF Workbook here

Helpful software tools

Instagram Story Ads:

Storymate is a software tool that helps you create high quality story ads for Facebook and Instagram. You can create an ad for each one of your products or product line up, do the swipe up on each, and also save these in the highlights categorized.

I did a tutorial on Storymate here.

Facebook Messenger ChatBot automation:

There are several tools out there for Facebook Messenger Marketing automation, but in the spirit of being economical and having low overheads, I personally invested in a software tool that does the automation I need and was a 1-time payment.

It is called Inboxr.

Instead of a tutorial, just go to my own Facebook fan page, give me a like, and send me a message there and see what happens over the next 24 hours.

Click here to go to my Facebook Business Page. And send me a message there.

Email Autoresponder:

I reckon, based on the size of your list, you are paying $75/month on MailChimp. Please check that out.

I think I found a cheaper and better option, tailored for eCommerce, but I wrote to their support to verify couple of key points before I mention it to you.

There is definitely a missed opportunity with email follow up too. You can also use these emails for custom audience and re-targetting.

Speaking of re-targeting, lets discuss Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads:

Sounds like you had great ROI on Facebook Ads. If you think there could be better work done in that section, I have a business partner in Canada who runs a successful Facebook Ads agency for local business, eCommerce and B2B.

He was one of my students about 1.5 years ago, and since has excelled and is a fulltime marketer doing extremely well. He is also a retired professional boxer. He charges $1500 USD a month retainer for his services.

You can check out his website and connect with him if you want, make an appointment to talk to him. Just mention my name that you’re working with me.

This is his website. CLICK HERE

YouTube Marketing:

Two things:

(a) My business partner also does YouTube Ads so that can be incorporated into the same Facebook Marketing agency service. Probably much less saturated then Facebook Ads and you will probably get greater ROI with YouTube Ads for eCommerce.

(b) Considering you have sizeable audience you can set up a display merchendise banner across the bottom of your videos which will no doubt increase sales.

Click here to learn how to set up banner for merchandise.

Influencer Marketing:

You have a massive opportunity with Influencer Marketing.

Because you actually have such a massive page already, I reckon there is an opportunity to get quite a lot of microinfluencers to promote you to their audience. I know I would want an account as big as yours to promote me for sure, and would be willing to invest in buying merch (if it was my niche).

Anyone under 100K and over 10K followers who is ex-military, pro-military, and so on, could literally just have a DM with a ClickFunnels sales page proposing something like this:

Headline: Want to be featured on a 160K Instagram page?

Text: Our brand Support Military Muscle is an established brand since ____. We have 161K followers on Instagram, 72K likes on Facebook, and 89K YouTube subscribers.

We want to feature #__ of people in the next #__ days.

What you need to do:

Buy ANY of our store items. 1 or many, whatever suits your style and that would be proud to wear.

Take a professional photo with the item, and post it on your story (with a swipe up to our store). Post it to your timeline and tag us, #thankyoumilitarymuscle (or whatever # tag you want).

Every single single entry, will get a feature on our stories with a swipe up to follow YOU on Instagram.

The top 10 posts and heavy promotions to our store, will get ONE WEEK in our stories with a swipe up to follow you.

Each entry will also get your own discount/coupon code for your audience, so we will be able to track the number of sales you got as a result of your promotion.

The number one account that wins will get a POST on our timeline (forever), and flight to come meet the Military Muscle team for a fun day! (or whatever you want to do).

You can do this with accounts at different sizes, with different rules.

Group one: Accounts 10K-25K

Group two: 25K-50K

Group three: Account 50K-100K

Group four: Account 100K – 150K

You probably have someone in your team who already knows many accounts at different sizes.

# tag research and finding target accounts:

Another thing you can do is research the major hashtags relevant to your niche: #military #usmilitary #marine #usmarine #marinecorps #veterans #meprolight #vckers #milsimjunkie and so many more. You can literally find 1000s of potential customers and promoters for your brand.

I can refer you to my virtual assistant from the Philipiness and for $4-5 an hour, she would literally go through these # tags, and create a grid for you with the link and account handle of each so you can DM each of these one by one and see how much traction you can get that way.

You just DM them some enticing message, with a link to your ClickFunnels sales page.

Beware of shortcuts / bot solutions:

Word of warning: There are Instagram tools that can scrape a lot of these details automatically. Personally I try to stay away from those for fear of violating some terms and conditions or privacy rules with Instagram. You don’t want your account flagged for some bot that you purchased to collect information. I rather take the safe routine of a VA collecting the information.

Massive accounts / prominent personalities:

You can also seek out accounts.

Write a personal letter, send them a piece of apparel, tell them about your story, your store, and that you would love their support. Few or more will probably do a post about it on Instagram.

I’m talking about sending something like that to people like:

Every speaker from the 10X Growth Conference thanking them for their speech, what you learned from it, how it inspired you etc. I am positive people like Elena Cardone, Jessie Itzler, for example, will post it.

Make it unique: Russell Brunson for example has 5 kids, and a special needs family member (a cousin or a brother) that he is very close to. Something for his kids/family would be great. Mugs they can use in the house, I don’t know. You get the idea.

Other people I thought about: Ed Mylett, Leif Babin, Jocko Willink, Andy Frisella, Gary V, Lewis Howes, and there would be a lot more. People you would know, you may have read their books, etc.

What you do with other military supporters under 10K?

You can test out a VIRAL GIVEAWAY.

Viral Giveaway:

KingSumo is a free tool you can use to run a viral giveaway to massive drive traffic to your YouTube channel, boost your following, increase your page likes. The tool is pretty self-explanatory. I did do a short tutorial on it too for my paid clients.

Supplements product line expansion / product line up:

You have done great and you have a product line up already. I recently encountered a potential dropshipping option that will make it possible for you to expand your product line up to 20 additional dropshippable products along the supplaments line up.

Make sure you read all the information on a computer, because there is a catalog download whcih is massive and won’t download on a mobile.

You can brand Military Muscle with every one of these products and have it dropshipped.

The business model is called “Private Label Dropshipping”, and the manufacturar is a well-established manufacturer for big brands and retailers, operating in Canada.

All the information here.

The only overheads for this option is the initial $997 investment (one-time payment).

Apparel product line expansion:

I thought there is another simple way to also test out new products that might align really well (in addition to supplaments product line expansion).

For example, looking at your store, you obviously have a lot of products already. But there are definitely additional things you can test out. The trouble with testing, is that if you are doing everything in house, it can be expansive to set up, and if the product is a flop or not so profitable, you lose ground on your bottom line.

I would suggest you check out PRINTFUL and open a store with them, to integrate it with your existing Shopify store, and using your existing designs, see what other product line ups and options you can add to your existing store.

You can launch a new product every week with ease through Instagram, using Influencer Marketing and your own page, of course.

This option has no overheads.

Online courses, online training, membership:

Obviously ClickFunnels has membership site functionality and affiliate program too.

However, it does not host online courses from what I know. To do that, I highly recommend you use Podia to host your courses. The videos are hosted on Wistia, not just YouTube, the website is slick, great quality, extremely easy to create and use for both you as the creator and for the sign up process for the users.

There are 2 payment plans, $39/month and $79/month.

If you pay annual, you also can have the footer link “powered by Podia” to be your personal affiliate link automatically so if someone clicks that link and becomes a Podia member too, you get 30% commission.

The $79/month option gives you membership site and affiliate program too.

Here is a video walkthrough of the platform from the inside that I did.

You can open a free account with Podia to check it out. PODIA – CLICK HERE

That covers a lot of what I had in mind.

Looking forward to your feedback.

Eran Bucai


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