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To: Bloggers, internet marketers, website owners

From: Eran Bucai

Doing the boring stuff of a website, like making sure it is compliant with affiliate agreements, privacy policies, and so on, is exactly that – boring! But it does need to be done.

To make your life easier, I did a short tutorial on exactly how I got my policies created on my website including Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy, and Terms & Conditions Policy, all done within minutes.

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Yes, it costs a few dollars, but it saves you a lot of time wasted trying to figure it all out.

The link used to create this is https://www.websitepolicies.com/

Additionally, I have a few simple templates for you which you are free to use.

  • Privacy Policy template
  • Affiliate disclosure template
  • About Us template

This is downloadable here.

Eran Bucai


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