Facebook has taken over the internet world.

Would you agree?

In hindsight, did anyone know back in the mid 2000s that a fast-forward a decade later and it will have BILLIONS of users, and be worth BILLIONS of dollars?

Maybe some, but not really.

I made a post about Facebook (suprise suprise) asking my friends, if they had a chance to be part of Facebook’s revenue share when it was first formed, would they have taken up the opportunity?

I got mixture of answers.

Truth is that most admitted probably not, as they did not know.

The beautiful world of “what if”.

And “in hindsight”.

Well, a friend of mine recently sent me a link to join a new social media platform that is up and coming, and is essentially coming up to compete with the big dogs.

It gained over a million sign ups in the first couple of months allegedly.

It is really a copycat of Facebook, except for it is in its infant stages.

Why would I share this?

There is NO telling this will go anywhere, right?

Exactly – I agree.

But, their unique value proposition is very appealing.

They have it structured as an affiliate program.

If you bring in free registrations in the beta stage (right now), when it goes 100% live, you will share the revenue with the affiliated users.

You won’t pay as a user, but obviously Facebook makes money on your existence as a user from their advertisers. So what will this new platform will do, is share the advertisers revenue with the original people who got them free users.

Pretty smart structure.

It is explained in the link I will be sharing in a moment so don’t worry, it will all be explained.

Wouldn’t it be great to get a piece of Facebook’s advertising income pie?

It does not cost you anything.

It does not cost me anything.

There is no “funnel” or “upsells”.

So I figured, I like the idea, it is smart, and I have no problem taking a chance. Took me 20 minutes to register fully with profile details, and so on and so forth.

If in 10 years from now it makes me money, great.

And if it does not, no skin off my nose.

But if I don’t sign up and invite people, and it becomes “the next big thing”, I would be kicking myself.

And I will be one of these people answering the question: “would you get in when Facebook started if you could?” with a big fat NO. Because I hesitated to take action on a possible opportunity that requires almost no effort.

If there is one thing I learned in my journey.

Yes it requires HARD WORK AND DEDICATION to succeed.

But sometimes, you have catch a trend.

When you catch a trend, a wave, the success rate is a lot higher for a lot less effort.

Think about all these “Bitcoin Millionaires” who got in before it exploded.

Try to get in now, and you need to actually invest some serious money and it would be pretty scary if you ask me.

So, I am going to share with you this social media platform, please don’t procrastinate. There is no catch to signing up.


You’ll either thank me for it later, or we both will not even remember this.

When you’re done, connect with me there, and feel free to copy and paste this blog as a template, tweak it to make it your own message, upload it to your own blog, or write an email to your list, or post this on your social media and share away.

Nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Catch a trend, what do you reckon?

Eran Bucai

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