In today’s blog I want to talk to you about a world wide disease that has infected pretty much every single human on this planet.

If you are a rare human who has is not infected with this disease, I’d love to hear your story and how you remained immune to it!

The disease is called PROCRASTINATION.

I wanted to share a TED Talk about this subject that is worth watching all the way to the very end.

Money can always be created, generated, multiplied, and so on.

Time is not-refundable.

Time is ticking.

Don’t waste it.

Don’t put off what you know you should be doing.

Whether it is your self-education, your business, your health, your family – give it the attention it deserve.

Eran Bucai

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2 thoughts on “Procrastination

  1. We’ll presented. Great analogy on procrastination. I definitely have to move more toward to blue zone. I’m working hard to get there. Getting rid of more of my non important things. I didn’t realize how much non important things I’ve been making into important items. Thank you for keeping me engaged.

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