How much time do you really have?

I wanted to share an amazing video by one of the greatest athlethes of all time.

It brings up a very good point for you to think about.


How much time do you have?

Say you are destined to live until 80 years old, how much have you used up already? 25%, 50%, or more?

Have you accomplished what you wanted to accomplish already?

If not, are your current speed and actions mean that you are on track to achieve your life’s goals?

For someone of you watching, when you think about “life goals”, you are completely blank – and are still “not sure”.

And if you have goals in life, for you, for your family, for your career, for your ideal lifestyle, are you really making good use of the time that you have to get to where you want to be?

Watch this video and think about this. (by the way, if you are not too good with numbers, I recommend you watch it with pen and paper and maybe even a calculator to keep up with his message)

Would love to hear what you have to say to this.

And whether you need to change something about your approach to life.

Eran Bucai

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18 thoughts on “How much time do you really have?

  1. Eran, “grandson”, great stuff here. I know of other famous Hall of Famers in Baseball: Lou Brock (I was on his team when I was in travel, he was known for stealing second base) and then Stan Musial, whose statue is at Busch Stadium and I went to his visitation in the Cathedral in St Louis after he died. If you don’t know of these men, you might Google them., Both men gave me autographed baseballs as a gift and I gave to my grandson., By the way, any more action from my buyer? You told me she kinda dropped off but she had intentions of coming in as Silver once she got her income tax refund.

    1. Thanks Grace! I thought you might respond to this post actually, especially considering you are doing an amazing job making good use of your time! Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Eran, the message of Mohamed Ali is very interesting, certainly if we make numbers we spend a lot of our life doing little relevant things, it’s a message that gives us a lot for reflection.
    If our productive time is so short we should use it wisely, we should use it to make things really important for us and for others people. As to lose the fear of making big mistakes escaping from comfort zone, dream big in our “Why” but without forgetting that dreams without goals are only dreams, if we want to take advantage of the time and use wisely, we must have goals and to achieve them we must apply discipline and consistency every day, with daily plan, weekly, monthly goals, only working with consistency we will achieve our goals.
    We have to get focus on what is important for each one, that should be the line of work to follow so that our time makes sense.

    Thanks for sharing this great video.


  3. Thank you for sharing this video which actually woke my consciousness. It made me realized that I have no more time and each second must count henceforth.
    Thank you once again for sharing this.

  4. Eran thanks for the comments from Ali. This open my eyes to the reason I started 21 steps MOBE program. My fiancee told about this approach but want to believe but we do have time that we had. Now what are we doing with our time. It time now to get started and stop wasting time. Thanks for the inspiration and motivation. Keep it coming of staying focus …??

  5. Hi Eran,

    Interesting video. I enjoyed it.

    There are obvious ways to take better advantage of the time even in some of the circumstances he mentioned. I am not saying I always take advantage of those times as I should, but I am simply saying that we are thinking beings. To think is part of living.

    A good question would be, “what are we thinking about?” When the time is right, are we acting on what we thought or think about? We live in part through thinking. If I am awake I am thinking, and if I am thinking, I am living. Thinking and then acting appropriately will in large part determine our life. Pretty sure that is living. Otherwise those unfortunate individuals that are physically incapable of doing anything are not living. I submit that they are living because life is more than just non-stop doing. Never the less, the point he made is well received.

    Thanks Eran for the video. Keep them coming!

  6. hello trainer
    I was very impressed and felt great to see this video.
    I find it necessary to overcome all the challenges to achieve the dream of financial freedom as soon as possible.
    Thank you all for helping me complete the lessons of the past

  7. I actually enjoy sleeping. I like to use that time to dream. Many times I’ve waken with the solution to a problem that I’ve been trying to work out. The way I look at it, the Lord will provide us with the answers if we turn it over to him. I deserve to sleep and rest and find it perfectly acceptable. I actually don’t sleep enough! I have found myself spending every hour that I’m awake working on something.
    I think some people spend entirely too much time on entertainment thses days, either with these phones or computers in their faces or watching television. Not enough time is spent communicating directly with our family members and friends. People go out and don’t even speak to one another these days. Entire families each have cell phones and keep their noses in their cell phones and won’t even speak travelling in the car, going on trips together or at the dinner table on a restaurant or even at home. They even sit or lay in front of the tv playing video games instead of going outside to play with their children. Children don’t go outside to play, they just want to be in front of a tv or game. No one wants to work. Everyone wants to sit around and have everything handed to them. We live in a society of instant gratification. No one knows how to build close relationships in real life. They text and drive. Post fake things about themselves on social media. for example, I have family members that make posts about how they cleaned house all day but I stop by and they have dishes, laundry and garbage piled high everywhere and no donner on the table for their families but they still have the phone in their hand necer even look up to speak and complain about how poor pitiful and tired they are and that they font have any money to pay bills. I have bought things and paid for things to help them out and they neither are thankful nor will they take care of the things that are bought for them. They are plain lazy!
    I know Mahamed Ali was a busy man. I have no doubt that he is correct on these calculations. Many people have found school to be a waste of time. But its far better than having a totally ignorant and illiterate, uneducated, unethical and unemployable society. I do agree that our education sytems have failed to teach us how to become Financially literate. Thats because the government wants us to stay that way. If everyone becomes royalty, there will be no peasants to serve them.

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