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One of the most important aspects of starting your journey in online marketing is having a community.

Companies come and go.

Communities remain forever.

You can close a company down (like the one I partnered with in my first year), but I have life-long friends from that community that will be there for me, and visa versa whenever needed.

There is no replacement to that.

One of the best investments you can do is in networking with like-minded people.

I have paid to join groups and communities and bought products, just because there were like-minded people in the Facebook Community.

Every time I spent money for that purpose, I made my money back pretty quickly from relationships built, not to mention what will come out in the future from these relationships.

I am aspiring to build my own community one day, millions of people, but until than, I work to leverage other already existing ones.

I wanted to share a way to sign up 100% free for a community of online marketers with newbies and experienced people all in the same place.

The company may or may not be there forever, just like any other company, but you would be a fool to not take advantage of the potential networking available.

Let me know when you have done so.

You should not try to go on the online entrepreneurship journey on your own – connect, make friends, network, and build your own community and tribe.

Eran Bucai

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