Nelson Mandela

This blog is dedicated to Nelson Mandela for his 100th birthday.

Although he is not present in body, he is one of those people who in spirit will be here for a long long time.

I rememeber my mother telling me about him and a bit about his biography.

His core values and attitude was something my mother respected, and I believe she tried to pass those on to me as well.

If you read the ABOUT ME section of the website, you will see one of my favourite hobbies is to study and learn new things.

One good way to learn is from MOVIES.

And one of the movies I note in that ABOUT ME section is a movie called INVICTUS.

The actor that played Nelson Mandela is Morgan Freeman.

The other star actor in that movie is Matt Damon.

That movie is one of the best movies I have ever seen.

It is the type of movie that should be watched in schools all around the world.

And likewise, his biography and story.

I often talk about learning from other successful people – he is one of those people who should be modeled after.

Happy birthday Madiba.

Eran Bucai

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