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I am in the Grant Cardone Facebook Group for Grant Cardone University and saw a lot of new faces. I posted in the group to give new people who just found out about Grant Cardone about his materials a little bit of simple direction which I felt was lacking. I had sooo many positive responses on that post that I decided to copy and paste it to a blog post.

The Facebook post was published on 10th of August 2019.

Hey, fellow 10Xers!

Been seeing a fair amount of new people so since I’m a bit more of a “veteran” GC follower (2.5 years), thought I’ll share a bit about my success in using his material and how I recommend you study his stuff.

Late 2016, a major transition period in my life, starting from nothing at the time, no job, no connections, nothing. Watching GC’s YouTube content daily and trying to figure out a career path.

New Years Eve 2016/2017, bought the Millionaire Booklet and listened to it several times. Found my path in online entrepreneurship (make money online, affiliate marketing, internet marketing, coaching, etc) and made 6-figures in my first year doing it.

Every breakfast I cooked while listening to GC in the background for about an hour, either YouTube or Millionaire Booklet. Every time I walk down the street I listen to his audiobooks: Sell or Be Sold, Closer’s Survival Guide, 10X Rule, and most often Millionaire Booklet. I’d say over 50 times that I listened to the Millionaire Booklet, average once a week at least.

Made some mistakes in my journey, as we all do, and every time I lost money through unnecessary purchases or bad business choices, (unfortunately, 10s of 1000s of dollars), every time it went back to violating some of the rules from GC. Primarily trying to create new income streams that are not symbiotic to my current income. I tried to start “new flows” and had money go down the drain on these ventures unnecessarily. Even if you think you’re doing the right thing, before making big business decisions, re-group and consult what you learned from GC before pulling the trigger. If I did it, I would have been much better off. Anyhow, lesson learned.

Late 2017, signed up for the 10X Ambassador group coaching program, which was a 10 weeks program with GC and him doing a group call every week. His tasks for us were simple:

(a) Beat the sun up, aka #bsu

(b) Write our goals in the morning

(c) Do 6 segments on Cardone U in the morning, and APPLY, i.e. take action

(d) If needed during the day, do another 6 segments, but don’t use that as an excuse to not produce. It’s more if you need that middle of the day BOOST. Otherwise, fill up our calendar.

(e) Write your goals at the end of the day. (note there’s a video on YouTube GC explains how he does it)

(f) Increase your income every single week.

And he held us to it. People who decided to watch 100+ segments a week were told to slow down and actually DO SOMETHING with the information. Not just watch friggin videos all day!

People who increase their income by $100 a week were told why didn’t you increase it by $100 a day!

It was very simple instructions, but it was amazing to see how difficult it was for some people to follow. The group started with over 2000 enrolled people. I’d say an average of 100-250 showed up for the live group call. That just gives you a perspective on the level of commitment.

So if you’re new to Cardone U, I just wanted to share these simple steps above that GC himself had us do on a daily basis and hopefully, you follow that structure.

I would also highly recommend you get a sales job, even if part-time from home. There are lots of opportunities like that. I am always involved in some sales position (commission only) working from home. It’s just good to keep sharp on the most important skill in entrepreneurship = SALES.

I would also like to add that I found it really important to study GC’s content without listening to a bit of Gary V, and a bit of Tai Lopez, and a bit of this and a bit of that. Focus on the ONE mentor and go deep on his content. Since you all here on Cardone U, obviously that means focus on studying GC’s content.

I would have never made 6-figures in my first year in an industry I literally knew nothing about without the focus on studying GC’s information.

In terms of information, here are 3 practical concepts I learned from Uncle G that I use in my business every single day:

(a) Second money is the easiest

(b) Always ask yourself, “who’s got my money?”

(c) Symbiotic income streams

Hope this helps!

Feel free to connect, comment, message me if you need anything.

Eran Bucai

PS – oh yeah, and I went to 10X Growth Con in Vegas, that’s where this photo is from. Flew there all the way from Australia 😎

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