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I started working online in early 2017.

Funny looking back and seeing how clueless I was at the time.

As time goes on, I realize what things make a difference, what does not.

I realize the things that bring traffic right away, and those things that are long-term strategies.

I realize how certain strategies are a lot harder to compete, versus strategies that someone can come in tomorrow and overtake you.

One of those long term strategies and is a lot harder to compete against is Search Engine Optimization and the creation of backlinks.

When you think about all the top websites in the world, you think of Facebook.com, Instagram.com, YouTube.com, LinkedIn.com, Twitter.com and so on. What makes them so powerful?

You know how every website of a person has a link to their social media account?

This is as BACKLINK.

A link from a website back to another website.

This is a network effect.

This takes time to grow.

This is one of the main reasons why certain websites are worth a lot of money and some are worth nothing.

And so I realize that to really build a sustainable online business, I need to create a ton of backlinks to my websites.

This blog post is one of my ideas on how to do that.

You see, it’s all about reciprocity.

I link a friend website, and they link to mine.

Sadly, that is a big factor in Google’s algorithm – basically a giant popularity contest.

So with that, I am going to use this very blog to showcase all my friends’ websites and business and give them a shoutout on my website, and in exchange, they will do the same for me.

Please take time to review what you see below.

If you would like me to add your website to this blog so you can get a backlink, please email me to contact@eranbucai.com and let me know the link you want me to include and a short paragraph about you, what you do.

Additionally, let me know what page of your website you are going to link my websites.

I would be open to doing something extra, like write a blog for YOUR website about a topic that would be valuable to your audience and that I am familiar with.

Again – just reach out to me on contact@eranbucai.com

Eran Bucai

Kecia O’Sullivan. Kecia and I know each other for many years. She has the most beautiful handwriting, and in fact, has turned her gorgeous handwriting skills into a calligraphy business. She also specializes in prints of coastal scenes, a combination of photography and digital art. You can check out her Instagram.

Natasha Brady. We connected through local Facebook group in Mandurah. She is the founder of Telling Designs, a female-owned and operated business based in Mandurah, Western Australia committed to delivering the highest quality design, photographic and creation services to a wide range of clients.

LT Turner Jr. We met as two members of the Wealthy Affiliate Network. Although we both are no longer paying members, this is where we met. and became friends from there. LT is a talented Musician. He is a  Vocalist, Pianist, Conductor, Recording Artist.  His website and emails are always full of positivity and I recommend you check him out. While I have been thinking about this blog for a while, LT is the one who recently inspired me to actually start with this entrepreneurial marketplace – an initiative from LT that just shows the kind of guy he is.

GrooveFunnels Lifetime Deal by Elad Mahlev. Elad is a good friend from Israel, a fellow marketer, who builds websites and sales funnels for businesses as well as helps with marketing strategies. Elad is also the CEO of Wiser Page, a sort of a competitor to EranFunnels – although I don’t see competition – I see a fellow marketer who does a great job serving his audience and we help each other with ideas all the time, just like the Mastermind concept.

Elron Bucai, Hafonton. Yes, this is my younger brother. Elron is a genius. He is an incredible graphic designer, software developer, public speaker, and so many more things – I can’t even keep up. Elron is the one who custom coded this very website. While he has many talents, his main trade and passion is font creation in Hebrew. Think of Verdana, Times New Roman, and so on – well he creates those in Hebrew.

Denton Daley, Dangerous Mind Advertising. Denton was one of my earliest coaching clients in the first company I worked for online. Denton just retired from Boxing after being Commonwealth Cruiserweight champion. He has chosen the high-income skill of Facebook Advertising and became a complete master at this and built a multiple 6-figure advertising agency. He is my go-to man for any FB paid advertising.

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