Growth on Instagram is something that a lot of business owners are interested in.

I know that because I am one of them.

I have been advertised to pay for followers, certain amount of money for certain number of followers.

You can actually pay other Instagram accounts who are bigger, to give you a “shout out”, i.e. tell their following about you in their story or in a post and you pay them for it.

You can also pay instagram to boost your post, a.k.a. paid advertising.

You can go to Fiverr and hire someone on that platform to take over your Instagram account and grow it over certain period of time.

There are many ways to grow an instagram account.

The main focus for me has always been ORGANIC growth.

What do I mean by organic?

It means natural growth, using the right or multiple # tags, maybe tagging specific people, responding to comments, and simply being consistent in putting out content on a daily basis.

At the time of writing this blog I have over 800 followers.

I am far from an Instagram Guru or expert.

But I have learned a few things from this experience and I felt it is important to share.

When you have small amount of followers, like I do, your social proof is going to be pretty small. So when someone looks at your Instagram account and sees how little your following is, they might go elsewhere just because of that.

Of course the ideal would be to go “viral” on social media and overnight have a ton of following.

Or be on a reality TV show and become a celebrity personality all of a sudden due to the exposure (if that’s your thing).

But for the “little” people – people like you and me – I think the simplicity is to put out content. Put out content. Put out content. And being consistent about it.

The biggest growth I had on my instagram was in February 2018, over 3 day period where I grew by about 200-300 followers. About a 1/3 of my current Instagram account.

That was 100% organic.

I posted in these 3 days short 1 minute videos, and I did that about 6-10 times per DAY.

Why? And what did I talk about?

Well – I was in Las Vegas for a business conference – yes, business conference – not everything else that people do in Vegas.

And after each speaker, I walked around Mandalay Bay, and did short 1 minute Vlogs (short for Video Blogs) about what I learned from each speaker, and about the conference.

I remember when I got back to Australia and I spoke to some people, they told me they absolutely loved it. The feedback I got was people felt that they were with me throughout the conference, every step of the way, and they were almost like my guests. I toured them through the hotel, I showed them some footage inside the event hall, I told them about each speaker, and gave them my feedback.

I even had people in the conference, who came to me during the conference and said they loved listening to my summary at the end of the day. For some people they listened to a speaker and things went from one ear and out the other, i.e. they weren’t paying attention, or didn’t quite understand things. But when I gave a 1-minute summary, they learned more about the same speech they personally attended.

The things that I learned so far about getting organic growth are:
– Post DAILY. Consistency is key.
– If you can post more than once, do it. Don’t have any concerns about how much you post. Post as much as you can.
– Video is best. I have posted pictures and quotes, and so on. Videos are the best and get the most engagement.
– Be authentic, don’t try to be someone else. The right people will naturally connect with you.
– Don’t ever get discouraged from posting because of how little following, likes, or comments you have. Post DAILY as a minimum.
– Use as many relevant # tags as possible, you can use a maximum of 30 (at the time of writing).
– Don’t play the Instagram game short term. It is long term game.

Lastly, I did a tutorial just sharing everything I know about Instagram thus far. Hope you find this helpful:

I hope to be such an expert one day, with millions of followers, that I can write an entire book just about this one subject!

Help me get there by sharing this article and follow me on Instagram!


Hope you learned something from this.

Eran Bucai

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