The Accidental Entrepreneur

I am sure you have heard of the saying, “the top CEOs in the world read a book a week”, or “60 books a year” or some such statistic.

I’ll be honest, I’m not much of a book reader.

I am a big fan of audiobooks and I am subscribed to Audible, an Amazon Program, and will probably be a loyal customer for many years to come. I always have more books purchased then books read.

However, since the purpose of my list is to share VALUE with my readers. I wanted to share a book that I did take time to listen to. It is called THE ACCIDENTAL ENTREPRENEUR, by Janine Allis, Founder of Boost Juice (and its parent company Retail Zoo).

I have been drinking Boost Juice since 2006, every year and am a loyal customer. I have seen over the year the stores get more trendy, have more features, and more branding. It was clear that there are entrepreneurial innovations happening in the background and it was clearly showing.

I’ll be honest, I don’t always pay for my Boost, I ALWAYS go and collect my free birthday boost, every single year – it is practically a tradition!

But I usually top up with a chocolate protein ball too to sweaten the day.

I honestly have never even really heard of the word Entrepreneur or knew what is meant until I became one in January 2017.

As an Entrepeneur I try to eliminate all distractions, and watching movies or entertainment in my opinion, is one of the biggest ones. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE movies. But when I’m a start-up entrepreneur, I have to FOCUS. So to replace my need and desire for entertainment, I would watch a show called SHARK TANK.

I am not a huge fan of the US version, some segments are great. And the name SHARK is really apt!

I LOVE the Australian version. The Sharks on the show are giving excellent coaching and mentoring advice on the show which is extremely valuable.

(As an example, I just have to share a statement one of the Shark said once which will make no since to half of you reading it, but once you get it, it’s GOLD. The Shark said: “Debt is cheaper than equity.”

I honestly love all the Sharks on the Australian show. And Janine Allis is one of them. She is BIG on passion. She happens to be the one Shark that wrote a book, THE ACCIDENTAL ENTREPRENEUR, so I bought it and listened to it.

I have said it before, and I will repeat it: you do not buy a book for the content of the whole book. You get a book for that 1 line or 1 paragraph that will change your mind completely, and make you look at life differently, or expand your business. That is why you pay that $15 for that book. I never like the whole book, no matter what book I read. But that does not mean you don’t listen to it because you are always searching for that 1 line or paragraph or concept.

I wanted to share that ONE THING that hit me home hard from Janine’s book:

She said after 3-4 years since starting Boost Juice, and having I think 15 Franchises opened, she paid herself a salary for the FIRST TIME – and it was $35,000 Australia Dollars, approx 20-25K USD!

15 Franchises, 3-4 years in business, an empire in the making, and the FIRST salary she paid herself was that. That blew my mind. And in a good way.

You see – I have also made 6-figures in my first year working online, as covered in my book. But I did NOT have 6 figures in my personal bank account, I did not even have 5 figures in my bank account!

Where did my money go??

I will tell you where – I put everything back into the business – 100% and more.

I continue to live frugaly, I am always looking for costs I can shave in my personal life (not business), and everything goes back in.

I also had people hear about my success and ask me for loans. The truth is I did not have it to loan to them. I had received funny looks when I say I don’t have it. Hearing about my success online they were convinced I was “loaded”. And that was far from the truth. Start-up Entrepreneurs, new businesses, it takes a lot of hard work in the beginning stages, and all the funds and energy goes back into the business to scale it up. And that is exactly what I did.

So hearing that from Janine, who built a hecta-million dollar empire with Billions in sales, was really encouraging for me.

There were of course, a ton of good value in the book, but this is the one thing I wanted to share that hit home and resonated with my circumstances and beginning journey.

I highly recommend the book – it will feed your mind with excellent positive information and tools for your entrepreneurial journey. You can get it HERE.

After hearing her story, I’m not so sure she was really an “accidental” entrepreneur, maybe a dormant one. Nonetheless, it is a very interesting, entertaining, inspiring and educational story.

And yes the Australian Shark Tank show is awesome too – you can find it on YouTube.

Thanks for reading!


Eran Bucai

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