One of the things that I think is wrong with society is NOT having people work from a young age.

It is not uncommon to hear someone say “don’t work too hard.”

I also know that some people forbid their kids from working until they are older. In their teens, or younger, they don’t want their kids working. They do it all for them.

In my personal opinion, from a child perspective, that is one of the WORST parenting mistakes, if not THE biggest.

Working enables us to take care of ourselves.

Working enables us to exchange with society.

Working enables us to feel productive.

Working enables us to feel like we belong to a group.

Working enables us to make money and have a better quality of life.

Working enables us to exchange with those who helped us (such as parents).

If we are prevented from working from a young age, these could be the results:
– Not working to work later because we’re not used to it
– Thinking it is normal not to work
– Thinking it is normal not to exchange
– Thinking it is normal to receive receive receive, but not give.
– Thinking it is normal to be lazy
– Thinking things will naturally get done for us, instead of by us

I have to share an amazing video that demonstrates that type of attitude and what it can do to our society and children.

My parents have had me work from very, very young. I’m talking like before 5 years old I was doing chores in the house, and helping in small ways.

My parents always encouraged me to even do tasks with the intention of exchanging, even if it was not the biggest help to them. But it gave ME the impression that I am helping them, and that is what count – the lesson I learnt.

So in case you already have kids, or planning on having kids, as a former child myself, my advice is: make them work, you will be doing them and yourself a HUGE favor. 🙂

Eran Bucai

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