Why I love Affiliate Marketing?

In late 2016, when I was looking for online business opportunity, I had no what to expect or what to look for.

I know that the possibility of making money online is real. Surely someone is making money from this amazing invention called the Internet. But who are they? How do they do it? And is it possible for normal ordinary people like me plug in and do the same?

After researching on-line I found out about this field called “AFFILIATE MARKETING”.

I started learning about it and realized more and more that this is essentially a profession.

I fell in love with Affiliate Marketing because it meant that I could promote products that I truly believe in, let others know about it, and when they decide to use that product or service, I would in turn get a commission.

It was a win-win.

And most products and services in the world have Affiliate Programs nowadays.

The reason why I love Affiliate Marketing and why you should to is very simple:
Affiliate Marketing is going to be an existing profession for a long long time.

How long?

So long as we have some sort of digital transactions occurring, whether it is through Credit Cards, or Cryptocurrency.
So long as we have businesses who need customers.
So long as there are products that need to be sold.
So long as we have the internet.

These things are going to be in existence for a long long time…

This blog, is an example of how I use Affiliate Marketing to make an income. This is something that anyone can do. Write about things you believe in, write about things you love, write about things that are helpful to others, and have a product mentioned as part of it. If the product is something that the reader is interested in, they might buy it, and if they do you will get a commission.

There is no better way for a start-up entrepreneur to get started making money and learning the internet world.

After an amazing first year where I made over 100K as an online Entrepreneur, I have learned a thing or two!

The biggest thing I found that makes it difficult for the ordinary person to start making money using the internet is the amount of marketing that exists online for so many opportunities, it becomes one big ocean of confusion.

And for that I decided to do something about it – as per my core values – something HELPFUL.

I believe ANYONE should do Affiliate Marketing no matter what they do. That’s why I love Affiliate Marketing!

Eran Bucai

ps – If anyone reading this is interested in making money online, or having some sort of side income leveraging the internet. There is no better place to start by learning HOW THE ONLINE WORLD REALLY WORKS by doing my free course. CLICK HERE to get started.

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