The money is in the “list”

If you have been in the internet marketing world, you would have heard the term “the money is in the list”.

It is quite amazing how quickly things change.

The money is still in the list.

But the definition of “list” is changing rapidly.

Traditionally, this is not as an email list. I do not think this will change anytime soon, if ever.

Emails might not be as popular as they were before, but they are not about to disappear anytime soon.

Investing in an email autoresponder, and building a list, is still crucial in any business.

There a trend of Facebook Messenger.

There is no doubt that Facbeook as revolutionized internet marketing forever with their unbelievable targeting, wealth of information, intelligent algoritham, and so much more.

The latest trend is creating a list through Facebook Messenger.

This is not the future – this is now.

I recently signed up to a couple of top internet marketers who use Facebook as their primary tool to acquire customers. So I subscribed to their messenger and been receiving their messages. Truth be told, I never intended to buy any of their products. I just wanted to see how they market.

I am pretty sure this is not a well-known trend because one of the very top and most well known marketers in the world is absolutely NOT taking advantage of this messenger marketing strategy. I know because I gave him specific permission to market to me on messenger and I have gotten zero messages.

There is another top internet marketer who I also tried to give them full permission to market to me on messenger and same thing, no messages, no follow up, nothing.

So there is definitely a trend here, where some marketers are taking advantage of this and some aren’t.

Like email service providors (GetResponse, AWeber, etc) there are Messenger Automation platforms that enables you to message to your list. I checked it out, and yes they are subscription.

If you already know me a little bit, you know I hate subscriptions.

Actually that’s not true, I don’t hate subscriptions, I have LIFETIME subscriptions. Things you are going to be having as an expense forever.

And so, I did my research and found an amazing tool that you pay ONE-TIME and you get the full automation for life.

If you have any intention of using Facebook Advertising to promote your products or services, this is a tool that you really should invest in.

It is called INBOXR.

Yes, I bought this too.

I invest in these tools.


Because I know long term, the end goal is to automate the business and the whole customer acquisition process – and this is one incredible way to do exactly that.

Building your list can be done through emails, phone numbers, messenger, social media followers, and more. Every one of these is a leg in a table, a pillar in your business.

Are you building your pillars?

Are you automating your pillars?

Are you relying on just ONE pillar?

These are the real questions to consider when investing in a tool like INBOXR.

Go ahead and check it out and let me know what you think. Curious to hear your feedback to these questions I pose to you as well.

Eran Bucai

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