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Well it is coming up to my birthday, and another year is past.

We seem to never get any younger….

Is there is one thing that I think about when it comes closer to yet another year is how time disappears.

Only yesterday I arrived to Australia as a teenager…

Now I’m in my 30s!!

What the…

Anyway – it just proves the point as to why I prefer to spend my time working on my “side hustles” because I want to create a lifestyle for myself where I never have to think about money and I can just do what I love doing without having to take a break from it.

I want to wake up and decide to take on a project, and not have to think about how I will support myself throughout this project.

And there are many projects I want to do!

I have ALWAYS withheld from people when it was my birthday. I did not want the attention, I did not want people to know. But as I “grew older” it became more of an opportunity to make progress in life.

It is the perfect “gimmick” to ask people to do something for you – it’s true.

And you should absolutely consider making use of that day to make some progress in your life toward your goals and dreams.

Last year for my birthday I did a little vlog that was one of the best vlogs (in terms of engagement) I have ever done. I think people thought it was really funny how I was making 6 figures at year at the time and STILL getting my free Boost Juice.

With that being said, I have a special request for my birthday.


I don’t care what it is. I will leave a bunch of links below, and the time clock above is roughly when my birthday is over, so I know Xmas is coming, if you’re doing shopping on Amazon, please use my link.

That’s the best gift I could have right now, simply because it gets me closer toward achieving my goals.

Here are the links:

Buy ANYTHING on Amazon – click here

Buy ANYTHING on Grant Cardone’s website/store – click here

Buy ANY software tool/s required for your online or offline business (ClickFunnels, Email Autoresponder, Website, etc) – click here

Oh and if you live in Australia and want to get into Real Estate Investing, or know someone who does, just email me: contact@eranbucai.com (my new side hustle and longer term strategy)


Eran Bucai

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