The sport of business

Today I have a special Blog, because it is about a book that I listened to, and I am always excited to share excellent resources with my readers and followers.

For those who do not know this already, in my first year as an Entrepreneur, I have learned pretty quickly that FOCUS is critical to success.

So in my first year as an Entrepreneur worked around the clock and barely had any entertainment or time off at all. You can even see a Webinar I did that summarizes my journey and success in 2017, and I recorded it on Xmas day.

I have an admission: I LOVE movies. I always have. However, I know if I watch one, I’ll just want to watch another one, and it will become more and more so I restrain myself from that entertainment. So how did I solve the urge?

I started watchined SHARK TANK.

I would do it while cooking my meals, while eating in my apartment, and so would still have some entertainment but it would be educational.

I watch the Australian and the US Shark Tank.

My favoriate Shark on the US version of the show is MARK CUBAN, self-made Billionaire.

First of all, I got to know him in a bit more detail by watching an interview he did with Patrick Bet-David. You are welcome to watch it, it is excellent.

Additionally, I got Mark’s audio book called “HOW TO WIN IN THE SPORTS OF BUSINESS”.

I enjoyed the book on several levels.

Firstly, he expanded my view to the BILLIONAIRE type of thinking for the first time. I never been able to concieve the idea of having a BILLION dollars. It was always just too unreal. Throughout the book it became something that I could visualize.

Secondly, his story is fascinating. And I found a lot of points that I liked and can relate to in regards to his approach to things. Example: He said the biggest equity in any start up is SWEAT EQUITY. i.e. your actual HARD WORK. That is the biggest equity beyond any financial investment. Great perspective for start-up Entrepreneurs.

Thirdly, he gave some excellent analogies for Sports vs. Business which gave amazing perspective to the life of an Entrepreneur, what to expect, what to strive for, and so on. Perspectives I never looked at before.

Fourthly, and most importantly, it gave me an idea for a HUGE goal that I never even thought about before. The goal is so ridiculous, and the chances it will happen are so slim that it is not worth mentioning. But just considering the possibility of chasing that goal, would mean the journey would be so exciting on its own right, regardless of whether I achieve that goal or not.

If you want to listen to that book, go ahead and get it from Amazong. Here is the link – CLICK HERE.

Eran Bucai

ps – If you’re feeling Entreprenerial today, go ahead and get a T-Shirt giving out that message! Click this link to check it out.

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