For those who have been following me for a while, you know that I love my entertainment – SHARK TANK.

I am not a big fan of spending my time on entertainment that does not educate me at the same time.

I love entertainment – but I am conscious about what I am spending my time on and I want to make the most out of my time.

In regards to Shark Tank, this is an entrepreneurial show where entrepreneurs pitch their business to a pack of “sharks”, top business people, with the hope for an investment and a partnership.

The US version of Shark Tank and the Australian version, are quite different to watch. Different atmosphere.

When I was in Las Vegas in February 2018 for the 10X Growth Conference, one of the speakers was Daymond John, the founder of FUBO, a clothing branding that started from the ground up to a Billion dollar brand.

At the time I did not know much about him, I just knew he was on Shark Tank but never read his content or listened to him before outsied of the Shark Tank shows. When I went out during the break to get a photo with him, there was a line as long as the entire arena circle almost. You had to stand in line for an hour or more just to get a photo, and buy a copy of his signed book RISE AND GRIND.

I did not know enough about him, to be excited about standing in line for an hour or more, so I skipped the opportunity.

I have since gotten a hold of another book of his THE POWER OF BROKE.

Now, I am kicking myself for not taking the time to stand in line and get a photo (would have been great for this blog…)

The Power of Broke is a book that really resonated with me.

He takes the concept of being broke when you are starting out, and having little to no resources to build a business, and make a point throughout the book that it is actually an advantage.

In my first year as an entrepreneur, when I had my first 30K month, when I crossed 6 figures, I had people impressed with how I did it without any resources.

When I started I had no place to stay of my own, was on unemployment benefit getting $500 a fortnight, couldn’t get a job as I never went to high school and didn’t have a diploma in any field. I was not in a financial position to afford WIFI, and so I spent time studying the online world and figuring out a career for myself out of shopping centres and McDonalds where WIFI was free.

It worked.

I hustled, I grinded, I studied for long hours, I became part of the furniture in those public locations. Faster than anyone expected, I learned a whole new career path and made 6-figures.

I often had students asked me about the story as they wanted to know who is coaching them, so I would share them.

To me, I had an advantage.

I was BROKE.




Once I hit 6-figures, I started traveling, and took all my savings toward travel, conferences, and other personal development investments to take things to the next level.

But another thing happened – I got comfortable.

And I levelled out my income for the ensuing months until the middle of 2018, until my income completely got shot down by events that were out of my control.

At that time, some people asked me, “are you okay?”, “what are you going to do?”, “how are you going to survive?” and other natural, human concerns.

Within ONE WEEK I secured a job that makes me the same amount of money (providing I hit certain targets too), AND I continue to build my online business on the side and work on the long term plan.

The Power of Broke was back in action!

I was excited – had to get resourceful again, and out of my comfort zone.

Truthfully, maybe it is just me, but I operate the best when I am under pressure with impossible circumstances. It builds up a necessity to get creative.

So after this experience, I thought to myself I need to STAY BROKE.

This doesn’t mean I have no money, or I have terrible living conditions or some such scenario. But staying with the right mindset, not getting too comfortable, so I can continue and achieve more and more things.

I can keep on writing this blog for a long long time, I have a lot to say, lots of examples, but I think it is enough for this blog.

I want to save writing the next story to YOU.

If you are BROKE, you need to get this book and starting writing your future story.

The way to do that is to get the book, THE POWER OF BROKE and listen to it.

And get creative in your circumstances and use the power of broke to succeed at whatever it is that you want to do.

If I can do anything to help, feel free to reach out to me.

Enjoy the book – THE POWER OF BROKE – and I look forward to hearing your story!

Eran Bucai

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