This is a world full of ideas….

How many times in your life have you “had a good idea”?

How many times in your life have you thought you idea is worth a million dollars?

How many times have you thought of an idea before going to bed which you thought is going to change everything, and by the morning you forgot all about it?

I think we all have it to one degree or another.

When I attended the 10X Growth Conference in Las Vegas in February 2018, there were a lot of great speakers, and some not so great.

The best speaker is Grant Cardone.

And I found a 2 minute video that summarizes the very BEST of the BEST in his conference.

If you want to get a copy of the full recordings of the conference, you can get it here.

It is amazing how there were world class speakers, and really at the end of the day, Grant truly gave the most value.

Another thing that was interesting, is that some of the speakers said things that honestly were – in my opinion – false. Grant went up after each speaker who said something that was – for lack of a better word, BS – and told the crowd how it is. I have great respect to him for doing that.

He took responsbility that the content of his conference gave true information by all speakers.

Overall, the above 2 minutes video honestly, if applied, can make anyone be a successful entrepreneur, so I wanted to share it.

Next time you have an idea – monetize it. Or drop it.

Eran Bucai

ps – In case you missed it, here is the link to get your own copy of the recordings of the 10X Growth Conference from February 2018, in Las Vegas. CLICK HERE

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