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AMAZON Training and Coaching services:
I have done dozens if not hundreds of hours of research into finding a good training and coaching program online to learn how to do eCommerce and Amazon. After extensive research, I found ONE which I would highlight recommend. I was subscribed to that service myself. I have come to know the owner of this services personally.
I chose to not take up Amazon or physical products eCommerce as my prime focus, but this does not mean you shouldn’t.
In the future, there is no doubt I will get involved with eCommerce, Amazon and physical products, and this is the resource I would go to.
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Dropshipping Affordable Training:

In my research to finding an online business opportunity, I have looked into various options to make money online. There is a whole field called DROPSHIPPING, which deals with physical products, finding suppliers and wholesalers who will do the work for you while you create an online store and learn to drive traffic to that store. It is relatlow-costlow cost start-up business model. In my extensive research, I have invested in a product that gives you a directory of wholesalers and drop shippers and is a MUST for anyone who wants to get involved with DROPSHIPPING. It also has comprehensive training for getting started.
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