What tools do you need to run and scale your online business?

Internet Marketing is a MUST no matter if you are an online or offline business. All the tools I am about to recommend apply to the individual internet marketer, marketing agency, and traditional business. At the end of the blog I have a free PDF (no email opt-in required) that you can download to check out more about this topic.

If you have any questions about any of these tools, or what is best for you, email me contact@eranbucai.com

Simply include a link to your existing website or social media page/s or tell me a bit about your business and I will be sure to do proper research on what you do and give you custom and personalized advice.

Here are all the key tools I use in my business:

EranFunnels (website/funnel building and hosting)

EranFunnels is my own brand funnel and website building and hosting.

You can create your entire online presence on this software much like you would on WordPress, ClickFunnels, Shopify, Lead Pages, BuilderAll, Kartra, and more. You can literally create everything on this one platform.

It enables you to set up sales funnels, unlimited pages, unlimited products, has a CRM (customer relationship management system) on the back-end, collects payments using Stripe, PayPal and many others.

Create membership sites, password-protected content, charge for subscriptions and also charge one-time payments.

All the bells and whistles you need for an online business, EranFunnels provides.

The price is $25 per month.

Or $250 per year (if you pay annual upfront).

Or you can pay $1,000 one-time and have lifetime access (no subscription). Some of my clients are allergic to subscription – so I created that option for those who do not want yet another subscription.

I have a 40 minutes YouTube video that shows inside the software and presents what you can do with it. This video has zero sales pitch. It is 100% a demo of the inside. You can also see social proof in the comments section of existing users, as well as links to the websites and funnels they created or that was created for them using EranFunnels. This comments section will continue to expand with more and more sign-ups. If you want to watch that video, this is the link.

All the details on signing up for this software and checking it out for yourself are on the website.

GetResponse (Email Marketing)

GetResponse is my recommended email marketing software. While there are other good ones out there, I have been a customer of GetResponse since the middle of 2018 and they have yet to fail me with their service and support.

I do a full comparison of various email marketing tools on this blog. I also give you “Email marketing 101” training tips, so if you are a beginner this blog is going to be a fantastic educational piece for you when getting started with email marketing.

For signing up to GetResponse using my Affiliate link, I also provide a free mini-course on GetResponse. GetResponse offers a 30-days free trial and they have 24/7 chat support which is extremely helpful especially when you’re just getting started.

Podia (course and membership hosting)

Before I talk about Podia, I did a comprehensive blog about the topic of creating and hosting your online course for your expert business.

Podia is an online platform that lets you create and host courses, memberships and digital downloads.

Course software tools are many: Kajabi, Kartra, ClickFunnels, Teachable, Thinkfic, and more.

Podia is cheaper, better, more intuitive and superior is value.

It is my #1 recommendation and even though I have the ability to do everything that Podia does on EranFunnels (my software), I still will stick with Podia so long as I am in business (i.e. forever).

Podia as a company not only have a great product, they exemplify everything that you can and should do RIGHT with an online business.

Some key benefits:

  • They specialize in course hosting, memberships, and digital downloads and they do a GREAT job with it.
  • They have a super professional and unlimited video hosting set up in partnership with Wistia and gives exceptionally low pricing for the video hosting services (way cheaper you could get with Wistia directly).
  • Podia’s pricing is as simple as it gets, 2 plans ($39 or $79 a month), no hidden fees, discount for upfront annual payments.
  • Both plans offer excellent value for course creators, and also the plans have a distinct value proposition, i.e. the $79 a month is not just an over-priced version.
  • For the $39/month, if you are just a course creator, you get everything you need.
  • If you want to also have a membership and affiliate program, you need the $79/month. That’s the difference – simple!
  • They have no transaction fees no matter what plan you are on.
  • Their support documents are exceptionally easy to understand and follow. Most of your questions are answered there.
  • Their support team, while not available 24/7, are extremely responsive and really helpful. I have nothing but fantastic human support.
  • They have training videos, tutorials, and blogs, that are frankly some of the best and most professional training online to do with creating online courses, online memberships, and sustainable online business.
  • Even if you end up using a different hosting company for your online course or membership, Podia honestly offers the most simplified and comprehensive training for your online business on this particular topic – 100% for free.

I did not mean for this to be a massive pitch for Podia, but the longer I am a customer the better the company product and service becomes so I think it deserves that.

I did a full onboarding video with one of my clients after setting up his home page on Podia and with his permission, recorded the 45 minutes walkthrough of the inside of the software. You can watch this video here.

Podia also offers a 14-day free trial (no credit card required). So you can sign up and see the inside for yourself in the next 2 minutes.

Canva (DIY graphic design software)

Canva is a software I use to create the following:

Facebook page banner

YouTube thumbnails and banner

Instagram infographic posts

Product thumbnails for my online stores

And lots more. They also have a free design school you can take advantage of to learn basic design for your own business or even as a freelance business.

Canva.com has a free paid, which is the one I have been on for a long time and it works great. They offer a paid plan and I personally upgraded as it speeds up my work and allows me features that help me and exceed the small price.

In summary:

This is by no means EVERYTHING. I will continue to update this page with additional content as time goes on. It will be extremely valuable content and I urge you to subscribe to my email list so you can get notified.

To recap what I went over so far:

Online course creators (aspiring or current) = sign-up for Podia and make use of their training and resources to set up your online business.

Aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, freelancers, experts = sign up to EranFunnels and build your online business there.

As promised, here is a free PDF with more information about software tools.

Additionally, I have another 12 pages PDF you can download from my SmoothCourses.com website that is basically a massive brain-dump on all the best software tools for beginners and also a list of what’s available out there.

If you still have questions, comment below or email me to contact@eranbucai.com and I will give you a personal response with feedback after learning more about you and your business.

If you have advice on additional tools I should include, please do comment below!

Feel free to share with anyone who you think would benefit.

To your success, Eran Bucai

PS – I have another blog on Chrome Extensions that are AWESOME!



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