7 GREAT reasons to go to 10X live events

I just paid for my ticket to go to the next 10X Growth Conference (#3).

I live in Australia, no matter what discount Grant gives, this is a hefty expense to someone in my location. You are looking at minimum 2K in flights and accommodations.

I already attended 10X Growth Con 2 in Las Vegas in February 2018, I already bought the recording to 10X Growth Con 1 and listened to most of it.

Why would I want to go to the 3rd one too?

Here are 7 GREAT reasons why I go to 10X live events, and why you should consider doing it too:

    1) Networking, pre-event.

I get to meet 10X entrepreneurs, like-minded people, in private community groups in Facebook. That alone has helped me make more money than all my investments in Grant Cardone’s products and events. Just from networking with other like-minded individuals.
The return on investment can be so quick, you make your money back well before you even go to the event – that is how it works for me.

    2) Networking, at the event.

At the event, you get to meet faces that you only saw on Facebook. I some cases, I never spoke to these people on Facebook, but we have seen each others’ posts, and when we see each other, it is instant connection.
Also, if you are making the most of your time there, you will end up meeting the speaking, you will put yourself in situation where you can take photos with them and even speak with them and if you’re really determined maybe even build a relationship with some amazing people.
I know I did…

    3) Networking, post-event.

The networking does not end there.
If you hustle at the event, you have collected 50+ business cards, like I did, and you can follow up and see out of these connections if there would be mutual benefit to do business with them.
For me, the Australians who were there were a small group of people, so there was instant connection and networking. We connected on Facebook, Instagram, Linked-in, and so on.
I also met some Israeli entrepreneurs there, some who I know from long long time ago, and some I never met.
If you are a Real Estate agent, you’ll connect with other Real Estate agents. There will be small groups to network with, within the massive crowd.

    4) The knowledge.

A dummy learns from his own mistakes.

A wise man learned from other people’s mistakes.

All the speakers have been living the entrepreneurial rocket-ride, or more likely the roller-coaster ride, for at least a decade. 20+ speakers, 10X years of ups and downs in the same journey you are taking, that’s 200 years of experience MINIMUM of mistakes you don’t want to make, and successful actions you may want to adopt.

Think about how much money it costs you to pay for a ticket, versus how much money you will WASTE in making mistakes you could have avoided, or more important versus how much money you DID NOT MAKE because you didn’t learn whatever you were going to learn at the conference.

    5) The sales pitch.

When you are going to a live event like this, you would be naiive to thing you are not about to be sold and sold and sold. Assume that every speaker is going to sell you something at the very end. That is the business model of events.
You get a ton of people in a room, you give some awesome speakers with their own products a stage, and you sell to that audience.

This point was probably the only “negative” in the 10X Growth Con 2. That is the only thing I heard people complaining about.

I don’t think there is anything negative about it. And the only people who were negative, are probably people who wanted to pay and couldn’t afford. One extra motivation to take everything from the event and 10X your life.

I loved it.

The only thing I bought was $49 digital course from Tim Grover. Other people paid 1000s if not over 10K worth of products as an attendee. Russell Brunson sold 3 million dollars worth of products from stage in 1.5 hours!

What’s there to love about it?


Do you want to be as successful as the people on stage?

Do you want to be on stage one day?

Do you want to be more successful than the people on stage?

Do you want to be able to do a better job?

Do you want to be as wealthy as the people on stage?

Do you want to have more wealth than all people on stage have combined?

Well I can assure you – no one will EVER get to any level of success like these people on stage unless you LEARN FROM THEM.

I don’t have to like them, I don’t have to admire them, I don’t have to think what they did is right, or their product is awesome. I just have to learn from them – every single one of them has something to learn from, or LOTS to learn from.

They got to where they are somehow, someway, and I know for sure – SELLING – was one of the most important skills they have that got them to where they are today.

So learn from them, and embrace the pitch!

    6) Procrastination elimination.

100% of people I have met in the entrepreneurial world, claim to suffer from procrastination.
The most common question I get is all about staying motivated, no procrastinating, and so on. And if I get these questions, I will bet you people like Grant Cardone and other super successful entrepreneurs get these questions too.
Locking yourself in to an event like this eliminates procrastination.
As soon as you lock yourself in, pay for the ticket, book your flights, there is no turning back, unless you want to throw money down the drain.
So it gives us a NECESSITY TO ACT.
Whatever project/s you are procrastinating, taking too long on, you all of a sudden have a deadline to get it DONE. What if it is that online business you want to share with other like-minded people at the event, what if it is success you want to be able to tell people about when you are there, whatever it is – all of a sudden you have a seriously good reason to get it DONE.

    7) Exit and re-focus.

The last reason that I go, and you should consider going, is that you get to EXIT from your life for 3 days, think about where you are now, where you want to go, and RE-FOCUS on the important things in life – YOUR GOALS.
Having 3 days of speakers hammering into your head about success, making things go right, doing whatever it takes, and giving you practical tools to get there, really helps in getting your priorities straight.
90% of people need MOTIVATION.
Honestly, I’m one of the 10% that really don’t. I motivate myself. The motivational speeches bore me the most. It’s practical tips that help me the most (there’s plenty of those).
But there is absolutely an element where life stops for 3 days, and you actually get time to think about your life and where you are going and re-focusing on what you want to achieve and how to get there.
That to me, is the best part.

If you want to join me and come to the event, here is the click to buy your ticket. It is so cheap it’s ridiculous. CLICK HERE SEE FOR YOURSELF

Lastly, once you are committed, and you are there, don’t be there for just fun. Yes you are there to enjoy your time, but make the most out of it to increase PRODUCTION. You can’t do that if you are drunk, stoned, or watching a movie in your hotel room.

I have seen people waste the whole trip doing these (it was in Las Vegas…) and it being explained like “well it’s Las Vegas”.

It does not matter where the event is.

Go to the event for the purpose of the event – building the lifestyle of your dreams 10X.
And all the 7 reasons above that I outlined.

Got any feedback? Other reasons people should go? Or your own reasons why? Or your own 10X experience? Share it in comments!

Again – here is the link to GET YOUR TICKET.

I’ll see you there!

Eran Bucai

ps – Don’t take this as tax advice, but did I mention it’s tax-deductible?

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