EXTREME OWNERSHIP is a reference to a book by a couple of retired marines who took their experiences and put it into use in the business world.

As an entrepreneur, I already pay close attention to learning. Listening to audio books, watching educational movies, watching educational videos, and so on.

I am subscribed to Audible, and pay monthly to get a book a month.

When I started a 9 to 5 job, I thought I was just going to a sales job – and continue to create on my entrepeneurial career in the evenings and weekends.

I was wrong.

My job ended up being a big part of my entrpreneurial journey.

The company was very entrepreneurial in nature, with great atmosphere, great leadership team, and excellent care of the whole team.

As part of the growth of the company, we were all given a Kindle to continue our personal development as individuals and entrepreneurs.

In every quarter, all the staff were expected to read a recommended book, and all read the same book.

In my first 3 months in that job, the first quarter, the book recommended was EXTREME OWNERSHIP by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin.

I want to share my takeaways from that book:

1) You can and are responsible for anything in your life, good or bad.
2) Being responsible for something, is always going to be better than not being responsible.
3) Those who avoid responsibility, are unhappy.
4) Those who appreciate responsibility, end up being successful.

The book is rather interesting. Learning about different situations in a war zone in the middle east, and how it is all explained and translated to the business world.

The company expresses an excellent model of applying EXTREME OWNERSHIP for the well-being of all employees.

We are given a Kindle for our personal development.

The on-boarding was extremely welcoming and detailed.

Our feedback is welcome, no matter how new you are.

We have an indoor gym with a personal trainer that comes twice a week for those who want to participate (I do).

We have excellent working conditions as shown in this video:

And the fact that all employees were reading/listening to the same book at the same time, really makes a difference. As you can start notice people mentioning things which indicates they have been reading the book and applying it.

That is EXTREME OWNERSHIP applied in the workplace in ACTION.

If you are acting like a small victim, or feeling sad about your circumstances, or not doing well in life or in business, or not happy with your job in any way, I really recommend this book.

You can read plenty of books about tactics, how to do this or that, but without the right mindset, your skillset is really not going to reach its potential.

CLICK HERE get your own copy of the book.

And share this with others who you work with, superiors or juniors, having a group understand this concept of EXTREME OWNERSHIP will make your life so much simpler and fullfilling.


Eran Bucai

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