Local government and politics

This blog is going to be on a topic that will probably be written by me one in a very very long while, if ever again – local government and politics.

I am the last person you should listen to or get advice about in regards to politics.

You might think I am crazy or stupid, but I genuinely do not even know who is the prime minister of the country I live in at the moment (Australia). I do not know who is the prime minister of my country of origin (Israel). I do not know who was the one before, or the one before that.

I pay absolutely no attention to politics.

I do not own or watch TV, and have not for many years.

I do not read newspapers.

I do not google the news online.

I have zero interest in any of it.

Whether that is good or bad, I will let you be the judge. It is reality and it is not about to change.

So what the hell am I writing about?

I am writing about a recent encounter I had with a local politician. His name is Geoff Lee. The photo of this blog, although not very good quality, was taken on a casual morning sometime mid July 2018.

As I went to catch the train next to my home in Parramatta (city in Australia, not far from Sydney), I saw a booth and a poster with a familiar face of Geoff Lee, local Parramatta politician. I can’t tell you if he is the mayor or just a random politician, or someone who is running for the next election.

I remember getting flyers from Geoff Lee years ago in my mailbox when I lived in the area in recent years (although I was away in Western Australia and overseas travelling in the 12 months prior, and just returned to Sydney).

As I look up to who was occupying the stand was Geoff Lee himself.

No one else with him.

I immediately recognised him.

I was in a rush to the train so I just collected the flyer, verified it was him, smiled, and ran off to the train. When I saw my train is about 8 minutes away, I turned back, and went to say hello and took a photo.

I thought “I am going to write a blog about this”. (I did not tell him that at the time).

I asked him if I can take a photo. He says sure and we did using my phone.

I told him I was travelling for the last 12 months or so, and just got back, but I remember getting his flyers years ago and recognised him.

I asked him if he does this often. He says once a month, has done for the last 5 years.

I asked why? He said gets him out of his office, otherwise he will be behind a desk all day.

He welcomed me back after my travels. I told him it is very good and I went to get catch my train.

Next time there is an election and I need to vote, he will get my vote.

I am writing this blog over a week later, I still have his flyer in my bag, and you guessed it… I still haven’t even read it.

I think I have a very negative views about politics in general – or maybe it is just massive disinterest.

I think we have serious issues that are not being addressed for years and years and years and I doubt it will ever be addressed – but I wish I was wrong.

The most prominent example is the out-dated education system.

Maybe it is all wonderful in the Western world (I doubt that…), but when I did my schooling in Israel, I could not stand the waste of time and unnecessary topics we were “taught”. After I learned simple mathematics to be able to keep track of money (the topic you should apply mathematics to), learned to read and write, learned adequate/acceptable English, learned adequate grammar – everything else was almost useless.

I am going to share a video here that nails this point.

This video is not meant as an accusation of Geoff.

I am sure he is doing a lot of things to make the community better.

Now why would I vote for him?

If someone is going to stand in the freazing cold at 7am in the morning near a train station in a suburbian area, all on his own, that shows to me that there is a good heart and care for what he is doing.

I told someone about this encounter, and they scoffed and said they probably get great benefits. My thinking is, sure, they probably do. But to be there at 7am doing this, shows me there is genuine care and so I will vote for him.

This brings me to the point of this Blog – there are a lot of good people in this world. And they are trying to make a difference. Whether they are doing an amazing job, or not so amazing, if they have their heart in the right place, I believe they should be supported and helped.

The day that I will run for some government role and actually take action might be the day I will allow myself to criticize once I take action. But if someone else like Geoff Lee, is going to be the one who have the courage and the desire to take action, I will support him.

Maybe if I encounter someone else next time, I will have a more difficult time to choose.

But as it stands, I respect him for doing what he is doing.

I will post this blog on his Facebook page to appreciate what he is doing – hopefully it will be well received.

Thanks for reading.

Eran Bucai

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