Winning an Oscar

Today’s blog is about a completely “random” Oscar win.

If you know anything about Basketball, you would have heard of the NBA (National Basketball Association), which means you would have undoubtedly heard of a Basketball player called KOBE BRYANT.

Kobe is one of the greatest basketball players in the history of the game.

Anyone who knows me, I am a huge soccer (football) fan, however I have a lot of respect and admiration for legendary players in other sports too.

Kobe Bryant is one of these players and I would at times spend time watch his highlights, learn about his work ethic (which is insane by the way), and so on. As an Entrepreneur, you learn from successful people in any industry.

What the hell does all this have to do with WINNING AN OSCAR?

Well, Kobe Bryant upon retirement decided to write a script for a short film, it is called “Dear Basketball.”

It is basically his farewell to the game. The actual film is only available to purchase.

But here is a trailer:

Again, here is a link to buy it from Amazon. CLICK HERE

I don’t know about you, but I got almost emotional in this video. It is a great piece of art.

And Kobe Bryant, an NBA player, won an Oscar for it!

What the….

There are actors, producers, directors, writers, who have devoted their whole life and the top of the top in terms of award is winning an Oscar.

Kobe Bryant managed to win one when there are probably 1000s of others who have tried their whole life and did not get that far.

What makes him so different?

Is it a coincidence?

Was it a popularity content?

Was it that he was already well known and liked?

Some might say so – I tend to think otherwise.

I think the reason it happened can be summed in ONE word = MINDSET.

I wanted to include a short clip of him on a talk show with Jimmy Kimmel talking about it.

Out of everything, what caught my attention was his desire for MORE. It is RELENTLESS.

And Tim Grover, who was one of his personal trainer, talks about in his book RELENTLESS.

It is so true.

So if you want to succeed in life, MINDSET plays a big role. I highly recommend getting the book RELENTLESS.

I think MINDSET is a lot more important. It comes across like a cliche almost, and can be ignored because you can get sick of hearing about talking about it.

But the bottom line is that those who are successful, are the ones with the right MINDSET.

Maybe if I work hard enough I’ll win an Oscar too. Everything is possible!


Eran Bucai

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