Luxor hotel in Las Vegas

I wanted to share with you something very interesting, a topic called OPINIONS.

This is a world full of opinions.

There are as many opinions as there are people.

Everyone has their side.

I remember going to Las Vegas for the first time for the 10X Growth Conference.

I have never actually booked a hotel room previously so this was a new experience for me.

I remember asking my travel agent for opinion, and since she loved Las Vegas, she told me her feedback.

I went to look online to reviews on each of the hotels, compared prices, and reviews.

Some reviews were great, others were terrible – on every single hotel no matter to price.

After getting frustrated with the varying opinions, I pulled the trigger on the Luxor hotel.

I will be honest, price played a role in my decision. It was cheaper.

Here is a short vlog I did on my first entrence and impression of my room at the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas (the pyramid looking hotel).

When I arrived I thought how awesome!

Loved the room, loved the room service, loved the bed, shower was great, everything was clean.

I recall leaving Las Vegas and waiting at the gate and another lady happened to have been in the same conference as me, so we got into a chat. She was sniffling and caught a flu or had some alergy. She told me the room at the Luxor was so so horrible, dusty, disgusting, that she upgraded to go to Mandalay Bay, but just one night at the Luxor made her ill.

On the very same day, during breakfast, another person told me he is at the Luxor and loved the room.

I take people’s opinions exactly as they are – OPINIONS.

And I recommend you do the same. Evaluate for yourself what is true for you.

Eran Bucai

ps – By the way, the conference itself was AMAZING. If you want to see the recording, here is the link to get your copy.

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