Think and Grow Rich

I wanted to share a resource that every single Entrepreneur should read and/or listen to.

The book is called THINK AND GROW RICH.

There are many Entrepreneurial books and as you progress through your journey, you should regularly listen to them.

I am subscribed to Audible which is a subscription of $15 AUD per month and you get 1 audio book title.

The reason why this book, THINK AND GROW RICH is so important is because it talks about the fundamental tool that the world of Entpreneurship and Business built upon. This was actually the first book this concept was introduced.

This concept is THE MASTERMIND.

Mastermind is actually not a word you will find in the dictionary with a proper definition.

You need to listen to that book to understand what it is all about and the importance of it.

I have attended several Mastermind events:

10X Growth Conference in Las Vegas, February 2018.

Internet Marketing Mastermind in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, March 2018.

Internet Marketing and Coaching exclusive Mastermind in Serenity Island in Fiji, May 2018.

Every one of these events have been extremely valuable to attend, worth every dollar spent – and much more.

To get a copy of the book, CLICK THIS LINK.

Eran Bucai

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