My Facebook advertising mistakes and potential

I wanted to share some basic mistakes I made with Facebook advertising, paid and free, which might be of some use.

From the very beginning I was warned against using Facebook and so I was always very cautious.

But in hindsight, I realized this cautious approach was over the top.

Sure you have to be compliant, but compliance does not mean “don’t use!”

Or in my case, barely use.

So here are the 3 main mistakes I made with Facebook as a social media platform:

Mistake # 1 – NOT using Facebook as an advertising tool
Truth is that I have neglected paid advertising on Facebook almost completely.
The only time I advertised was with “boost post”.
I have never really learned propertly what is the Business Manager, how to use it, what it is all about.

Mistake #2 – not posting on Facebook relevant content on a regular basis but instead referring it to links.
Most of the posts I have done on Facebook were to a “YouTube video”, a “Linked-In Article”, and so on.
Looking back, the engagement level on these is quite low.

Mistakes #3 – not spending any time engaging with other people.
Truth is, I almost never go to the feed.
While it can be a trap of consuming stuff all the time, it is also a mistake to ignore it almost completely, like I have.

Why am I sharing these mistakes?

I do not want you to repeat these mistakes.

If you are not, I want you to appreciate Facebook as an incredible tool to advertise yourself, your brand, your business.

Paid or free traffic methods, are both excellent.

In hindsight, I have made a lot of connections through Facebook, talking to people on messenger, and my ignorance of this fact until very recently has probably cost me financially in money I failed to make.

I had these realizations through a recent training I did on Facebook, and it was only free training. There is also a paid course, which is much more extensive, but just the free content has really explained Facebook and the foundations of which it is built in an amazing and simple fashion and I really enjoyed it.

And so, I wanted to share. This is the LINK to access the FREE COURSE.

Like anything, of course there is an upsell or some sort at the end, so don’t take this as a recommendation that every person needs to buy the full course.

The free training is so good, that I recommend anyone that uses Facebook just as a user, not even as a marketer, actually does. It is excellent basic training on the platform and how it works – EXCELLENT.

So there you go – hope you find this helpful.

Let me know when you registered for the free training and let me know your feedback.

Lastly, if you want a tip about creating a great way for residual income and a very valuable skills: Learn how to run Facebook Ads and become a professional. If I had interest in it, this is how I could go about it:

Create a landing/sales page with a video from myself introducing. In fact for the purpose of this blog, I even created a “demo video” just to show what it would look like (note this is demo only! I am not actually doing advertising for local businesses). CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Create the questionnaire for the business owner for them to fill out – or simply an opt-in page to collect phone number so I can give them a call. It would be a matter of testing what works for you and your local area. I would prefer a video, questionnaire, etc, as it would filter any non-serious applications.

Go ahead and print an awesome looking business card with a QR code that the business owner can scan and take them straight to this funnel I created.

Go to my local area and physically hand out the cards in shops that fit the requirement of my dream customer (dentists, optometrists, gyms, high-end jewelary shops, Real Estate Agents, and more).

There are Facebook Marketing Agencies (which are really a 1-man or 1-woman show) that charge $1000, $2000 and so on, per MONTH for a business to have their Facebook Advertising done for them. And the business of course pays the Advertising spend ON TOP.

Imagine have 4-10 clients. That is all it would take for you to quit your job and work from your laptop.

If I was to do a strategy like that, I WOULD invest in a full training course on Facebook, as you obviously need to be a real pro to do this. But it is a great simple strategy that anyone can focus on for a few months and implement.

I also came across someone who is doing that type of business model and so if you are interested to see his funnel, it is a 3 step funnel:

It is a great funnel, excellent copywriting, and a true example of the simplicity of the business model.

And providing he knows what he is doing with Facebook advertising, he would get clients EASY.

There you go – my key mistakes, and some bonus tips on the potential with this platform for YOU.

Again the free Facebook training is available here.

You might ask, why don’t I do it?

Honestly, not interest in becoming a full professional at Facebook Advertising to run an agency. I’ll just hire one who is when the time comes. In the meantime I will use the skills I gained so far to make full use of the platform by eliminating the mistakes I wrote above!

But even if and when I hire a professional, I want to understand the topic to some degree so I know what I am talking about too. And you should too.

Hope you found this helpful.

Eran Bucai

PS – if you do want to learn more about the full training, the creator is holding a Webinar that gives more training and share the offer of the paid course. CLICK HERE

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