Money is a topic that makes the world go around.

Because we live in an economic planet, having money is a prerequisite for living.

You might say “money is not everything”. That is true.

But you can’t take care of medical issues without money – you need to pay for supplaments, or treatments, or surgeries – money is what you need to afford these or you will be waiting in line at the best case scenario.

One of the better books I would recommend for someone who has always been somewhat broke, or poor, or not really getting anywhere financially is a book called SECRETS OF THE MILLIONAIRE MIND.

There are things in that book I do not believe in or promote. But in whole, the book gives an excellent perspective and it absolutely one of the first books anyone should read in their journey to financial freedom.

To give you a BIG taste of that book, I have uploaded a video to YouTube that I found online where the author, T. Harv Eker does a seminar for about 45 minutes. Excuse the bad quality, but take the time to watch and especially listen to it. I might just change your life.

To get the full book, please go to Amazon and buy it.

You will get more out of it. I recommend LISTENING, but also reading. Definitely listening. You are welcome to do both. CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR COPY

I hope you find this helpful in your journey toward financial freedom.

Eran Bucai

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