The NOT “to-do-list”. I think the name says it all. We often hear about the “to-do-list”, but there are things that should not be done on a daily basis also.

You can have 2 categories:

(1) Routine activities you should not do on a daily basis.
(2) Habits you should avoid.

When I think of NOT “to-do-list” I usually think about HABITS that are bad for you. So the subject of this blog will surround that primarily.

For example:
– Do not do the easy tasks in the beginning of the day.
– Do not leave the difficult tasks for someone else to do.
– Do not ignore checking in with your assistant on a daily basis.
– Do not ignore checking your sales on a daily basis.
– Do not check your email inbox as the first thing in the morning.
– Do not avoid exercise.

And so on – one of the things you can consider doing is taking things that you know are bad habits, and type them into a document and print them, put them on your wall, so you are reminded what NOT to do.

This is almost as important as what you need to do.

If you can avoid the things you should not do, your productivity will soar.

What is on your NOT “to-do-list”?

By the way, there is a whole section about this point in the book THE 4 HOUR WORK WEEK by Tim Ferriss.

I highly recommend you get it if you haven’t already.

Hope this helps.

Eran Bucai

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