I want to talk to you about why I blog on the train. I had a few people ask me about this and I wanted to BLOG ON THE TRAIN about it…

So there are a number of reasons:

– I have to get to work, and go home, every day and that takes 50 minutes on the train. That’s almost 2 hours of production right there.

– If I take the longer train, it is 1 straight drive which means I get 50 minutes of train type typing blog on a document like this. If I take the shorter route, I switch train twice but it only takes 30-40 minutes depending on wait times, but I get less done.

– I prefer to get more production time, solid 50 minutes, than stop and change, and sometimes not having a seat so I can’t always produce and that’s when I really get annoyed as it becomes unproductive. (I would still listen to an audio book)

– The WiFI on the train is unstable. I have a mobile with internet, and I have a pocket WiFI for emergencies I carry everywhere. But it is clear that sometimes there are zones with bad WiFI connection and so it can be unproductive waiting for a page to load…

– I have to write blogs and emails and things like that and I don’t have to have WiFI for it. So Word Document or notepad is perfect to get done while I am on the train.

– I also have started recording 1 blog in full and end the recording, and do 1 song on loop the entire time. I realised I can create content for Instagram TV, and YouTube, and Instagram, and twitter, and even Facebook, and my website with this 10 minutes exercise. Plus, having the screen being recorded and an pump up song playing gets me super focused to get that blog done in under 10 minutes (that’s the limit for Instagram TV). It is also a brilliant way to share my favourite music. We all have our favourite playlist. I could not have thought of a more “Eran” way to share his!

– The blogs I am writing are pretty much evergreen, so they can be posted anytime on the website. That also means that I can start filling out my Blog Calendar on my website so I can have weeks and months already pre-written in advance so if I want to take a month off and focus on a completely different activity, I can have that part of my business automated.

Hope this answers some of yours questions and give you some understanding on Eran’s latest series “Blogging on the Train”.

If you have subscribed to my YouTube channel, followed me on Instagram, or subscribed to my list, I would love if you do that. I am working nights and weekends to continuously put out content to help people.

But it can only help people if they read and listen to it occasionally.

One day I hope to be able to say I help over a million people on a regular basis.

It is a crazy goal to even consider. Let alone try to achieve.

And here I am on Friday night on a train, at 10:37pm at night, while most other people are doing their Friday night activities.

Hope my perspective on Blogging on the train and why I do it also gave you some tips and ideas on how you can operate better and more efficiently in your business and in life.

Until next time.

Eran Bucai

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