How do you feel about HELP?

I wanted to talk about this subject called HELP.

I am sure you had people offering you to help them.

And I am sure you got burned on this type of offer at some point in your life

So, when someone says to you that they want to help you, I can understand this might trigger some negative emotions on the subject of help.

My purpose is to establish LIFE LONG RELATIONSHIPS. These relationships need to be productive for both.

And absolutely – I am making money in the process of helping people, and will continue to do so. And I can help you do the same.

The beauty of this business is it is commission based – the more people I help do well with the business, like yourself, the more money I will also make. So it is in my best interest.

I have found that one of the biggest fears someone has when starting an online business is “will I actually get the support needed to become successful?”

The sad truth is that when you go online to find various opportunities, you will find that in most places you go to sign up to a training course, or some Franchise-like business online, the answer to the above question is NO.

At best you would get a weekly Q&A session with the author/creator of the course. This is by far one of the best ways I’ve seen to truly follow up on your buyers and do the best you can to help them be successful.

What is interesting is that I have started doing something similar in the beginning of 2017, and despite putting the offer there, there is not a lot of people that showed up at first.

So while you need to provide the offers to help, and do everything you can to help your clients (who are now your friends), there is also a reality that they need to be taking FULL RESPONSIBILITY for their own business and their own results.

But back to the subject of help, if you are any bitter or skeptical of help of another person, while you should absolutely make sure they are genuine in their offering, there is another aspect for you to consider. Seat down and consider the following honestly:

Have you ever betrayed another person’s help?

You will probably find that you have personally done exactly the same thing you are bitter about another doing to you. And if you can confront that, you will find the subject of help to be a lot calmer and rational.

Eran Bucai

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