I’m pretty sure everyone has their superstitions, whether we like to admit it or not. I know I do.

My OWN example: Whenever a soccer team that I like is playing some important game, I tend to either sleep with their shirt on, or play a soccer game with that shirt. At the back of my mind, if the game I am playing with that shirt happens to go really well, it is a “sign” for me that my team will win. If I sleep with the shirt and put my attention on the game, or I even dream about it, it is like me bringing good luck to the team.

Other example: Lionel Messi. I recall seeing him talk to a reporter in the world cup 2018, and that reporter gave him a small piece of cloth which brings luck which he got from his mom. The next game Argentina made it through the group stages despite it being unlikely. The reporter asked Messi about it, and Messi pulled the cloth out of his sock. Here is the video:

Other example: Cristiano Ronaldo. Nike did an awesome commercial / video with Ronaldo where he talks about him talking to the soccer ball in his own head. Here is the video:

There is one thing to learn from this – putting your ATTENTION on something, DOES make a difference. And your mind has an influence on how things turn out in the real world.

When I first thought about writing this blog, I didn’t mean to make it sound all spiritual, but anyway – you can draw your own conclusions – I’m just sharing.

What superstition do you have?

Come on – be honest – Comment below!

Eran Bucai

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