I wanted to share a concept that I learned about in one of the books I have been reading. I will leave a link for that book at the end of this blog. The concept is: “ATTENTION IS A CURRENCY” What does that mean? That means that when something grabs your attention, you are PAYING… Read More

I wanted to share some basic mistakes I made with Facebook advertising, paid and free, which might be of some use. From the very beginning I was warned against using Facebook and so I was always very cautious. But in hindsight, I realized this cautious approach was over the top. Sure you have to be… Read More

One of the things that I think is wrong with society is NOT having people work from a young age. It is not uncommon to hear someone say “don’t work too hard.” I also know that some people forbid their kids from working until they are older. In their teens, or younger, they don’t want… Read More

I wanted to talk to you about a human decease – it is called PROCRASTINATION. We often encounter this in our own lives, and no matter how many times we know it’s wrong, we still do it.  I want to tell you a story about how I procrastinated on doing all these regular emails… If… Read More

Today I want to talk to you about social media. In the middle of 2017, my first year as an online entrepreneur, I began playing around with social media. This was the first time that I opened up any social media accounts. Instagram Twitter Facebook I never had any of these. YouTube, I never uploaded… Read More

Starting a business with a loan – the question that is asked every day by entrepreneurs all around the world. My answer when I got started – YES. My answer now – NO. I recall speaking to one of my students who was considering taking out a BIG loan (10s of 1000s of dollars) to… Read More

I wanted to share a small practical for people who suffer from a small disease called COMPLAINING. This is a practical that was commented on one of the books I was listening to, and it attributed the source of this practical to another book, which I don’t even remember the name of. So I’ll just… Read More

In mid 2018 I started working for a company and had a quarterly meeting with the whole Sydney team. There were over 100 people in attendance. It was my first big meeting with the company and it was wonderful. The company tried to communicate the message and vision of the company through stories. And there… Read More

I’m pretty sure everyone has their superstitions, whether we like to admit it or not. I know I do. My OWN example: Whenever a soccer team that I like is playing some important game, I tend to either sleep with their shirt on, or play a soccer game with that shirt. At the back of… Read More

In a Mastermind I attended, the speaker asked us, “what are the most important letters in the alphabet?” The audience was silent. He paused and said distinctly: R – O – I RETURN ON INVESTMENT That is very true. The reason it is very important is that return on investment can be very short sighted.… Read More